30-Day Challenge: Day #10 – What Lee Byung-Hun can teach you about second language learning

← Day #9 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #11 → Inspiration: Lee Byung-Hun (이병헌) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7sV7A7QfkDM From the intro in the above video: He’s dominated his country’s film industry for more than two decades, starring in some 20 soap operas and more than a dozen films. From the villain in the kimchi-Western drama “The Good, the […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #9 – Abraham Lincoln’s reading method can boost your memory and confidence in a foreign language

← Day #8 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #10 → Inspiration: Abraham Lincoln Source: arolemodel.com Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), the 16th US President, had an interesting method for studying and remembering the important news of the day. Lord Charnwood writes of this in his biography on the President: His method of study was as odd as […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #8 – Sam Hammington’s language learning Confidence

← Day #7 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #9 → Inspiration: Sam Hammington The following in an excerpt from the Wall Street English Korea podcast episode #25 with Sam Hammington. Direct mp3 download available on the podcast website.  My full transcription of the interview. (.DOCX) Sam Hammington (샘 해밍텬) is the first (and currently only) expat in […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #6 – Use ‘Keystone Habits’ to create a chain reaction of Success like Michael Phelps

← Day #5 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #7 → Inspiration: Michael Phelps I’ve previously written on the power of using your brain’s neurological cravings to form habits to aid your language study. Today will we look at another example of using habits to achieve success. Habits are incredibly powerful tools if put to proper […]

30-Day Challenge: Day #5 – Jackie Chan’s multi-disciplinary approach to language learning

← Day #4 30-Day Challenge Home Base Day #6 → Inspiration: Jackie Chan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZxPKOzl6Q8 In the above video, Jackie Chan talks about how he learned English and demonstrates some of the skills he’s learned in English. Talking on the phone (2:16) With music (5:01) With TV (5:12) With Sign-language (8:17) Additionally, the following infographic from […]