Intermediate Grammar #1: ~아/어 보이다 “Looks Like”

← Previous Full Grammar List Next → ~아/어 보이다: Conveys feelings based on some outward appearance Equivalent to “looks like” or “seems like” Usage: Used with ADJECTIVES only ~게 보이다 is an acceptable alternative Tenses: Past (과거): ~아/어 보였다 Present (현재): ~아/어 보이다 Future (추측): ~아/어 보일 것이다 Examples: 과거: 어제 미나씨가 피곤 해 보였어요. […]

LWT #1 – Learning with Texts is Awesome!

There are already a great deal of excellent webposts discussing the benefits, usage, and installation of Learning with Texts. So, with this post I hope to merely introduce the use of the software in action and convince any non-believers of its usefulness. What is Learning with Texts? Learning with Texts is basically: a piece of website software […]

Happy First Birthday Key To Korean!

Well guys, Key To Korean is officially 1-year old on Tuesday next week (August 27). At least, that’s when the first year of our web registration expires (though planning for the site and classes actually began weeks before that). It’s definitely been an eventful year. So, below, I’ll give you a breakdown of what’s happened over […]