Advanced Grammar Patterns

For future reference, here are some Advanced Grammar patterns that were posted on This is not the guide, just a reference list (similar to the other1 Grammar2 lists3 we’ve posted4), so please check out for the full explanations of the grammar and example sentences to go along with it. This list will remain […]

Why Don’t Korean Students Care About Verb Tense When They Write Paragraphs?

If you’re teaching English Writing to Korean students, you’ve probably come to the same conclusion that nearly every teacher eventually comes to: Korean students just cannot seem to get a grip on using consistent verb tenses throughout sentences and paragraphs! Why is that? Whenever you assign Writing, you receive their diaries or assignments back with present, […]

The 100 Awesomest People in Korean History (List) Korean history + Trot (트로트) = Required karaoke for all Korean 5th graders (or at least, so I was told by my Winter Camp 5th graders). Anyone who’s interested in Korean culture or Korean history would be greatly interested in this song and story. The song name is: Korean: 한국을 빛낸 100명의 위인들 Hanja: 韓國을 빛낸 百名의 […]

How to Register for the FREE KIIP Korean Class Download the ORIGINAL PPTX here KIIP is the Korea Immigration and Integration Program. The website is located at They offer a FREE Korean course for foreigners up to TOPIK Level 4 that can also help get you points toward an F-2 VISA or other VISAs later on. 2014 KIIP Testing Schedule and Information […]