Intermediate Grammar #24: ~(으)ㄹ까 하다 “I’m thinking about…”

← Previous Full Grammar List Next → ~(으)ㄹ까 하다: Indicates a vague intention or rough plan that can yet be changed. Equivalent to “I’m thinking about…” or “I had been thinking about…” Cannot be used in the future tense. Usage: ONLY: use with declarative sentences NO: interrogative, propositional, imperative sentences NO: future tense Negative form: […]

Intermediate Grammar #23: ~다니요? “Really? I can’t believe…”

← Previous Full Grammar List Next → ~다니요?: Use if you’re surprised at or can’t believe something you just heard. Used to repeat the relevant info while expressing your surprised feeling at that info. Equivalent to “Really? I can’t believe…” Usage: Different conjugations based on (1) declarative, (2) interrogative, (3) propositive, and (4) imperative sentences. […]