Korean Rock: 트랜스픽션 (Transfixion) – Nothing is Impossible

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hCxwIMEjiA Transfixion is quite possibly my favorite Korean rock band. But a lot of their good stuff can only be found on YouTube in the form of live club recordings taken with smartphones - as is evidenced by these videos. This song is one of my absolute favorite Transfixion songs (the music and lyrics are incredible). But, no matter how long I searched (this has literally been a 2- to 3-week process), I couldn't find any kind of recent professional (live) recording of this song. Everything online is just an amateur recording in a club. There is a recording from the CD that included this song (released in 2007), but I much prefer the harder updated version. Still, I've included the MTV video for the original version at the bottom of this post. Also, if you're interested in following Transfixion, here they are on Facebook and the Internet.

가사 (Lyrics)

It's gonna be alright It's gonna be OK 이젠 나의 길을 뚫고 가리 It's gonna be alright It's gonna be OK 그래 불가능이란 없지


  • 이젠 = 이제는 = Now
  • 뚫고 가리 = 뚫고 가다 = Going Through
  • 불가능 = Impossibility
  • 이란 없지 = 이라는 없지 = Not present
어차피하염없이 가야만 한다면 그 길이 또 가시밭길일지라도 수많은 고난들닥친다 해도 이젠 모두 당당히 맞서 싸우리세상어떤 법칙엉터리라는 걸 내가 모든 것을 증명 하리 yeah! Let's Go~!!!!!


  • 어차피 = Anyway
  • 하염 = Footloose
  • 한다면 = If
  •  가시밭길 = Thorny road
  • 일지라도 = Although
  • 수많은 = Numerous
  • 고난들 = Hardships (suffering)
  • 닥친 = Encountered
  • 모두 = Everything
  • 당당히 = Openly
  • 맞서 = Against
  • 싸우리 = 싸우다 = Fight
  • 세상 = Life, world
  • 어떤 = Any
  • 법칙 = Rule
  • 엉터리라는 걸 = A bunch of bull~ (messed up) - not a bad word
  • 모든 = All
  • 증명 하리 = Prove, testify, certify, demonstrate
아무리 불가능할지라도 세상과 맞서가리 내 사전... 내 사전엔... 내 사전엔... 내 사전엔...


  • 아무리 = However much
  • 사전 = 사전 (Dictionary) 에는 (in)
Impossible!! Impossible!! There is nothing impossible!! Impossible!! Here's a version of the song with clearer lyrics so that it's easier to listen to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxVUfl4A19M

Rough Translation

It's gonna be alright It's gonna be OK 이젠 나의 길을 뚫고 가리 (Going through this road now) It's gonna be alright It's gonna be OK 그래 불가능이란 없지 (There's really nothing impossible)
어차피 나 하염없이 가야만 한다면 (Even if I'm not able to go about freely) 그 길이 또 가시밭길일지라도 (And although that road may be thorny) 수많은 고난들이 닥친다 해도 (And even if I encounter numerous hardships) 이젠 모두 당당히 맞서 싸우리 (I will openly fight against it all) 이 세상 그 어떤 법칙도 엉터리라는 걸 (The rules in this world are just a bunch of bull~) 내가 모든 것을 증명 하리 yeah! (I'm gonna prove it ~ yeah!) Let's Go~!!!!! (소리 질러!!!!!)
아무리 불가능할지라도 세상과 맞서가리 (However much the thorny road and life go against me) 내 사전엔.. 내 사전엔.. 내 사전엔.. 내 사전엔.. (In my dictionary... In my dictionary... ) Impossible!! Impossible!! There is nothing impossible!! Impossible!!
And here's the original recording on the CD and MTV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BQm-_AjkLE You can see why I prefer the live club versions. This one has some great shots of the drummer in the opening, though the sound in this video isn't nearly as good as some of the others: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jja8OkawfGM


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