Let’s Learn About the Gojoseon Dynasty

Let’s Learn About the Gojoseon Dynasty – TOGETHER! I’m doing a small research project on Gojoseon (고조선). I’m particularly interested in: Symbols, patterns, art, designs, icons, iconic imagery from that period. I already know about Dangun, the tiger + bear, 비파형동검, dolmen, and the Bronze Age. I’m looking for links to the most famous or […]

The 100 Awesomest People in Korean History (List)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF92svMSwhE Korean history + Trot (트로트) = Required karaoke for all Korean 5th graders (or at least, so I was told by my Winter Camp 5th graders). Anyone who’s interested in Korean culture or Korean history would be greatly interested in this song and story. The song name is: Korean: 한국을 빛낸 100명의 위인들 Hanja: 韓國을 빛낸 百名의 […]