The 3 Korean Anthems you MUST know to consider yourself truly Korean-ized

1. 애국가 (The National Anthem) Some facts about Aegukga: The National Anthem: The title means “Patriotic song” or “Song for the love of the country.” It was written in 1896 for the cornerstone-laying ceremony of Independence Gate in Seoul. Written either by 1) Yun Chi-ho – politician, or 2) Ahn Chang-ho – pro-independence leader […]

Get Excited About the 2014 Brazil World Cup Korean Style with an Album of Cheering Songs Get pumped up for the 2014 Brazil World Cup Korean-style with this new CD from some of Korea’s top bands and singers! This is the 5th “Red Devils” album (Korea’s national soccer team mascot is the Red Devil). If you want to see more info on the album you can Naver search for “2014 […]

YB: I’m a Singer Playlist and Songs YB (aka YoonDo Band – 유도현 밴드) is Korea’s TOP rock band. They gained fame during the 2002 World Cup where they performed rock rendition of Arirang and their own World Cup anthem “Go Korea!” Since then, YB has made 12 records, toured Europe, and was invited in 2007 to play on “the stage” […]

Rock on Korea! The Greatest Korean History Lesson You’ll Ever Learn: Shin Joong-Hyun and the Origins of Korean Rock

** Video updated: 5.13.2014 Rock music took off in Korea in the 1960s and became the foundation for Korean pop music. In a sense, Kpop as we know it today, is a legacy of the earlier days of Korean rock and roll. Today Kpop stars who are better dancers than singers dominate the local […]

Rock on Korea! Indie Bands (Review and Featured Artists)

I recently stumbled across this TV program on Arirang TV (Korea’s English-only broadcasting channel). **Video updated: 5.13.2014 I do NOT like Arirang TV for a number of reasons: The English narration is emotionless and flat. It’s very clearly enunciated – probably for the benefit of Korean English-language-learners, and boring. Rather than using 김도균’s actual […]

Korean Rock: Transfixion Covers “Beautiful Girl” (미인 “美人” – 1974) This is one of those songs that always makes me smile. Even famous rock guitarist 김도균 smiles and exclaims, “참 잘했습니다!” (“Very great job!”) afterwards. Unfortunately, the band only receives a 120-point score (in this “Top Band” competition), so they are sent packing (though 김도균 was sure they should have received at least 190 […]