Learn Korean with YB: Flying Butterfly (윤도현 – 나는 나비)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QEmAXCBnPQ 가사 (Lyrics) Chorus 날개를 활짝 펴고 세상을 자유롭게 날거야 노래하며 춤추는 나는 아름다운 나비 Chorus Vocabulary 날개 = Wing 날거야 = 날다 = Fly (v) 활짝 = Widely (expressive adjective – as if stretching your arms wide to each side to emphasize just how wide it is). This word is also used to describe […]

Curious About Psy’s Gentleman? Here are Answers to Two Questions I Had

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASO_zypdnsQ From the moment Psy waltzes into the camera shot in his new Gentleman music video, it becomes quite apparent that he’s absolutely not a gentleman. He laughs loudly and obnoxiously in every circumstance. He’s escorted around by elderly gentlemen. He plays childish pranks on everyone he encounters (but particularly sexy women). And he ruins […]

Learn Korean with Gangnam Style Part 2: Psy’s Gentleman

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASO_zypdnsQ 가사 (Lyrics) Ah~! 알랑가몰라 왜 화끈해야 하는건지 알랑가몰라 왜 말끔해야 하는건지 알랑가몰라 아리까리하면 까리해 알랑가몰라 We Like We We We Like Party 해 ~ Verse 1 (Part 1) The basic line: “알랑가몰라 왜 화끈해야 하는건지” 알랑가몰라 (dialect, maybe 전라도) = 알런지몰라 (proper form) = I dunno if you know 해야 하다 = must/have to (Korean Grammar in Use: […]