All About Korean Numbers

Korean numbers have two different pronunciations and usages: Sino-Korean (originally from Chinese and using Hanja) Pure Korean (always Hangul) Sino-Korean numbers are used for: Prices Telephone numbers Bus/subway numbers Dates Height & weight Time in minutes & seconds Sino-Korean numbers can be used basically as stand-alone numbers. Pure Korean numbers are used primarily for: Counting units […]

FULL Beginner Class Vocabulary List

Here is the complete collection of vocabulary papers from the Beginner Class (including the first 200 words in the True Beginner class). Supplementary vocabulary is not included here, so the total amount of vocabulary contained here is 900 words. FULL Vocab List Download (PDF) There are 50 words per week (10 per day) over the course […]

Beginner Class Resources

This is a list of all Beginner class resources. It will continue to be updated. ALL Grammar Points Covered (list) ALL Vocabulary and Quiz Sheets (downloadable) FULL list of all vocabulary (single file download) Week 1: Numbers (전화번호가 몇 번이에요?) Downloads Week 1 Vocab (.pdf) | Quiz (.pdf) Week 1 Vocab Podcast (.mp3) Videos Vocab […]

Beginner Vocabulary Day 70

Vocabulary List 14.5

  1. 택시 승차장 = Taxi stand
    택시 승차장이 어디에요?
    Where’s the taxi stand?
  2. 요금 미터기 = Fare meter
    요금 미터기에 5000원이라고 써있어요.
    The meter says 5,000 won.
  3. 차 = Car
    저는 차로 출퇴근 해요.
    I use a car to commute.
  4. 종점 = Last stop
    저는 종점에서 내려요.
    I get off at the last stop.
  5. 터미널 = Terminal
    전주 고속버스 터미널 가주세요.
    Go to the Jeonju Express Bus Terminal please.
  1. 지도 = Map
    저는 지도가 필요해요.
    I need a map.
  2. 대다 = Touch card (swipe)
    여기에 카드를 대고 타야해요.
    Swipe your card here and get on.
  3. 일어나다 = Get up
    버스에 할머니가 타서 학생이 일어났어요.
    When an old woman got on the bus, a student got up.
  4. 양보하다 = Yield
    어른들에게 자리를 양보해요.
    Yield your seat to older people.
  5. 잡다 = Grab
    지하철에서 손잡이를 잘 잡아요.
    Grab the safety bar in the subway car.

Beginner Vocabulary Day 69

Vocabulary List 14.4

  1. 승객 = Passenger
    승객 여러분, 안전벨트를 매주세요.
    Passengers, please put on your seat belts.
  2. 교통카드 = “Transportation card”
    교통카드로 환승할 수 있어요.
    You can transfer with the transportation card.
  3. 운전기사 (운전사) = Driver
    택시 운전기사 아저씨가 친절했어요.
    That taxi driver was nice.
  4. 노선번호 = (Bus) line number
    이 버스의 노선번호가 뭐예요?
    What is this bus’s number?
  5. 카드단말기 = Card reader
    카드 단말기가 고장나서 현금으로 계산해야 해요.
    The card reader is broken, so please pay with cash.
  1. 요금함 = Fare box
    여기 요금함에 넣어주세요.
    Put your money in the fare box here.
  2. 벨 = Bell
    벨이 울리면 커피를 가져가세요.
    Come get your coffee when the bell rings.
  3. 손잡이 = Safety grip
    버스 안에서 손잡이를 잘 잡아주세요.
    Hold tight to the bus’s safety bar.
  4. 자리, 좌석 = Seat
    좌석 번호가 몇 번 이에요?
    What seat number is this?
  5. 택시 = Taxi
    콜 택시를 부르면 편해요.
    Call taxis are very convenient.