Monthly Language Exchange Party


We’re pleased to introduce Winning Story Cafe’s “Monthly Language Exchange Party”.

This is a good chance to get together with other second-language learners (of all varieties and languages) to practice speaking what you study in a more natural context. The “Party” happens every 2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month, from 7-9:30pm.

The address is:

Winning Story Cafe – Chonbuk-Dae
전주시 덕진구 금암동 632-153
2층 위닝스토리 (그랜드마트 2층)

(Detailed directions and images can be found at this page.)

Who, What, and Why?

This “Language Exchange Party” is intended to be a place for anyone to gather to practice speaking another language they are interested in.

Of course, this works best if there are native speakers from multiple countries who are interested in helping new learners practice. But even if there are no native speakers, it is still fun to have a place to share what we learn and practice together with other people who are interested in a language we also are (are you passionate about Mongolian? Perhaps you can find a room – or start one.)

About the Cafe (aka How?)

The cafe has recently expanded into the third floor. Here’s the setup:

  • 2nd floor: 8 rooms (capacity 4-12) + the coffee machines
  • 3rd floor: 1 large seminar room + 2 smaller rooms + a foyer area
  • Maximum capacity of about 80-90 people between the two floors

Initially, there are usually two short presentations about an interesting topic (one in English, one in Korean – both by non-native speakers). Then, the participants split up and head to the individual rooms that are marked and dedicated to a single language. Currently, there are rooms for:

  • English
  • Korean (Beginner and Intermediate)
  • Chinese
  • Spanish (upon request)
  • French (upon request)
  • Others (upon request)

If there is a language that you wish to speak or practice, please contact Binny Kwon at 010-4709-2184 or let me know via our Contact Form.

In order to participate in the “Language Exchange Party” we need to “rent” the cafe. We do this by paying an entrance fee that includes a (coffee or tea) drink:

Entrance fee: 4,000 Won (including drink)

Come along, escape your comfort zone, meet new people, and share language and culture together with us!

Previous LEP Presentations

April 12, 2014 (Upcoming)

Mar 15, 2014

  1. Ah Young Sim: My bucket list (나의 버킷리스트)
  2. Sarah Slagle: 교과서 밖의 자료들을 이용한 외국어 학습 (Beyond Textbooks and Study Materials: Using Authentic Materials )

Feb 15, 2014

  1. Bio Kim: Creativity and blocks (창의성과 블록)
  2. Megan Snowberger: 수면습관과 성격간의 상관성 (What your sleep position reveals about your personality)

Jan 11, 2014

  1. List currently unavailable

The Language Exchange Party has been happening since September, 2013. Presentations began in January, 2014.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below or Contact Us.