Low Intermediate Class Overview

Basic Korean Grammar

Korean Grammar in Use: Beginner
BookKorean Grammar in Use: Beginner
Book CostW21,000
PrerequisitesCompletion of "Beginner"
OR 200-700 vocabulary
Primary FocusGrammar & Speaking
Secondary FocusEssay Writing & Word Spacing
To Learn
  1. 1260 vocab words
  2. 121 Grammar rules
  3. Basic essay writing
Class CostW15,000 per hour
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After spending some time in Korea, you may have picked up a enough vocabulary to be able to get the gist of a Korean conversation. But you may also find yourself at a loss for words if you don’t have a solid foundation in basic Korean grammar.This class is designed to help you become more comfortable speaking Korean. The focus of this course is primarily on the grammar used in everyday speech. But you will also learn the basics of proper Korean essay writing and word spacing.

This book covers everything on the Beginner TOPIK test (초급 1-2), so you should be able to pass TOPIK Level 2 after this class.

Read about one of our previous students who’s done so.

Study Schedule

Week #ChapterSubjectResources
1Intro & Get Ready1. Sentence Structure
2. Conjugation of Verbs & Adjectives
3. Connecting Sentences
4. Sentence Types
5. Honorific Expressions
21-21. Tenses (Present, past, future, progressive, past perfect)
2. Negative words & sentences
333. Particles
44-54. Listing and Contrast
5. Time Expressions
56-76. Ability and Possibility
7. Demands and Obligations, Permission and Prohibition
68-98. Expressions of Hope
9. Reasons and Causes
710-1110. Making Requests and Assisting
11. Trying New Things and Experiences
8Review + MidtermMidterm Test
912-1312. Asking Opinions and Making Suggestions
13. Intentions and Plans
1014-1514. Background Information and Explanations
15. Purpose and Intention
1116-1716. Conditions and Suppositions
17. Conjecture
1218-1918. Changes in Parts of Speech
19. Expressions of State
1320-2120. Confirming Information
21. Discovery and Surprise
1422-2322. Additional Endings
23. Quotations (direct & indirect)
1524 + Review24. Irregular Conjugations
16Final TestFinal Test

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