Learning With Texts Dictionary Update

FYI: For anyone having trouble with Naver dictionary no longer loading properly in LWT (Learning With Texts):

I’ve discovered that the original Naver dictionary link I used isn’t working properly right now:


(Note, the portion in red wasn’t in my original link – I found that added in Naver today when I checked.)

Therefore, I’ve switched my dictionary over to Daum dictionary and I already like it better. Daum dictionary loads what looks like a mobile version of their website, so it makes for much better reading:


Daum dictionary as loaded in LWT
Daum dictionary as loaded in LWT


  1. The daum link doesn’t seem to work correctly: it loads the definition for 예비군 no matter which word I look up.

      1. Thanks for your reply AARON! Now the message below loads in the dictionary pane saying my network is having a problem so connect later:

        일시적인 네트워크 장애로 접속이 원활하지 않습니다.
        잠시 후 다시 접속해 주시기 부탁 드립니다.

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