TOPIK Intermediate Writing Topics & Tips (한국어능력시험 증급 쓰기)

The following is a list of actual previous essay writing questions from the Intermediate (중급) TOPIK Test (including dates). For more practice and additional resources, be sure to check out all the previous copies of TOPIK tests on the official TOPIK website. (Find 기출문제 다운로드) Here are some essay writing tips: Every question is usually 3 questions. Answer each part. You need […]

Intermediate Grammar #1: ~아/어 보이다 “Looks Like”

← Previous Full Grammar List Next → ~아/어 보이다: Conveys feelings based on some outward appearance Equivalent to “looks like” or “seems like” Usage: Used with ADJECTIVES only ~게 보이다 is an acceptable alternative Tenses: Past (과거): ~아/어 보였다 Present (현재): ~아/어 보이다 Future (추측): ~아/어 보일 것이다 Examples: 과거: 어제 미나씨가 피곤 해 보였어요. […]

TOPIK Writing Evaluation Policies + Examples

All the following information is freely available on numerous TOPIK websites, some with analysis. The following is a basic Beginner level (초급) rubric. This one doesn’t include “Formality of Language Use” like the Intermediate and Advanced rubrics do. TOPIK Writing Evaluation Content and Task Completion (9 marks) – 내용 및 과제 수행 (9점) Evaluates whether […]

TOPIK Leveling UP: Developmental Milestones along your path to Second Language Acquisition

So, you’re considering taking the TOPIK test? Here’s a breakdown of the evaluation policies and expectations posted on the StudyTOPIK website. Think of these as your developmental milestones along the road to Korean maturity. (Or unlockable achievements in the video game of 한국어배우기): Level 1: Beginner (초급 50%) Can you: Introduce yourself Check prices and […]