Vocabulary RE: Legal Professionals

Again we are happy to welcome Yuna Lee and Darren Bean of  //askakoreanlawyer.blogspot.com// today supplementing their post about types of legal professionals in Korea. Vocabulary: 행정사 = Administrative counselor 노무사 = Labor counselor 법무사 = General counselor 변리사 = Intellectual property counselor 변호사 = Attorney 공증 = Notary 공증인증서 = Notarization 고용 = Employment 노동 […]

Advanced Grammar Patterns

For future reference, here are some Advanced Grammar patterns that were posted on TOPIKGuide.com. This is not the guide, just a reference list (similar to the other1 Grammar2 lists3 we’ve posted4), so please check out TOPIKGuide.com for the full explanations of the grammar and example sentences to go along with it. This list will remain […]

TOPIK Writing Evaluation Policies + Examples

All the following information is freely available on numerous TOPIK websites, some with analysis. The following is a basic Beginner level (초급) rubric. This one doesn’t include “Formality of Language Use” like the Intermediate and Advanced rubrics do. TOPIK Writing Evaluation Content and Task Completion (9 marks) – 내용 및 과제 수행 (9점) Evaluates whether […]