Beautiful Bonds: Friends of Korea


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  1. Katarzyna Jolanta Antosiewicz

This second giveaway is for a book that I received during part of my time as an “official” honorary reporter/blogger (July 2014). It is a 620-page book that tells the stories of 35 “Koreaphiles” who have helped spread Korean culture to a global audience.

The Korea Herald has reported on this book here and I believe this book is unavailable for purchase, as it seems to have had a limited print run and was “distributed to over 170 diplomatic offices and cultural and educational institutions abroad.”


Interesting note: each person’s story is available in back-to-back chapters of English followed by Korean. So it’s a great way to practice your Korean by reading matching short stories (35 of them) about real people.

The book is divided into three parts:

  1. Culture & Art
  2. Human Story
  3. Koreaphile


  1. Culture & Art

    1. Kyung-Wha Chung | Sixty legendary years as a violinist
    2. Lim Hun-joung | Something new created when different cultures meet
    3. Lim June-hee | Music shows love for humans
    4. Lee Young-chil | Enamors classical music lovers across Europe
    5. Sumi Jo | Music is a God-given mission
    6. Samir Dahmani | French animator draws Korea
    7. KAI | Continues to widen his musical spectrum
    8. Kim Back-keun | Singing farmer holds concert at his farm
    9. Kim Hyun-jung | Nurturing your inner child can comfort you
    10. Lee Chun-hee | Sings Minyo songs for fifty years
    11. Romina Alexandra Follinus | Falls in love with Korean songs
    12. Dami Im | Korean-Australian Pop diva thrills Down Under
    13. Eum Jun-young | Creator of “Robocar Poli”
    14. Kim Seong-kon | Our lives are translations themselves
    15. Joung Yumi | Children’s book “Dust Kid” wins in Bologna
    16. Kim Soo-jung | Father of Dooly, comic artist
  2. Human Story

    1. Fidel V. Ramos | Freedom, democracy deserve the best
    2. In Yohan | Love for Korea over four generations
    3. Kim Seung-jin | Ready to enjoy eight months of freedom at sea
    4. Kang Yoon-sun | Juno Hair: the beauty industry’s leading salon
    5. Yoon Kyung-sin | Legacy of legendary handball player lives on
    6. Kim Yeon-koung | Korean player spikes Europe
    7. Ji So-yun | Even if I were born again, I’d still play football
    8. Kim Seoung-chuel | Music is my destiny
    9. Cho Yong-jin | Dreaming of Da Vinci: face scientist
    10. Park Kang-soo | On a journey with a single guitar
  3. Koreaphile

    1. Park Jin-sun | Korean cuisine can delight palates across the globe
    2. James Hooper | Everest, Poles, Korea and the world
    3. Charles Usher & Elizabeth Groeschen | Charlie, Liz and Seoul’s underground
    4. Roger Shepherd | New Zealander hikes North, South Korea
    5. Darcy Paquet | American critic creates award for Korean indie films
    6. Sophie Bowman | Translating Korean literature: hard, but exciting
    7. Barry Welsh | Learning about Korean through literature, films
    8. Emanuel Pastreich | Searches for the future through Joseon traditions
    9. Tim Alper | Food columnist finds charms of Korean cuisine