Advanced Grammar Patterns

For future reference, here are some Advanced Grammar patterns that were posted on

This is not the guide, just a reference list (similar to the other1 Grammar2 lists3 we’ve posted4), so please check out for the full explanations of the grammar and example sentences to go along with it.

This list will remain here for reference alone until I have a chance to study these grammar patterns on my own.

  1. ~ㄴ/는가 싶다
  2. ~게끔
  3. ~기(가) 이를 데 없다
  4. ~자니
  5. ~ㄴ/는가 하면
  6. ~ㄹ지언정
  7. ~ㄴ답시고
  8. ㄴ/은 즉
  9. ㄴ/인즉
  10. ~기에 망정이다
  11. ~ㄹ망정
  12. ~다시피
  13. ~다시피 하다
  14. ~ㄹ/을 리(가) 만무하다
  15. ~은/는 터라
  16. V는/은댔자
  17. ~거들랑
  18. N로 말미암아
  19. Vㄴ들
  20. Vㄹ 성싶다
  21. 는/은 법이다
  22. V더니/았/었더니
  23. Vㄹ 턱이 없다
  24. N로 하여금
  25. V고도
  26. N도 V거니와

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