Intermediate Grammar #24: ~(으)ㄹ까 하다 “I’m thinking about…”

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~(으)ㄹ까 하다:

  • Indicates a vague intention or rough plan that can yet be changed.
  • Equivalent to “I’m thinking about…” or “I had been thinking about…”
  • Cannot be used in the future tense.


  • ONLY: use with declarative sentences
  • NO: interrogative, propositional, imperative sentences
  • NO: future tense
  • Negative form: 안 or 지 is OK, not 못 (안 ~(으)ㄹ까 하다 or ~지 말까 하다 but NOT 못 ~(으)ㄹ까 하다)
  • Difference: ~(으)ㄹ 거예요 = a virtually definite plan (“I will…”)
  • Difference: ~(으)려고 하다 = a somewhat concrete plan (“I’m planning to…”)
  • Difference: ~(으)ㄹ까 하다 = a tentative plan (“I’m thinking about…”)



  • V: ~(으)ㄹ까 했다


  • V: ~(으)ㄹ까 하다

(아바타감독 제임스카메룬 – Avatar Director James Cameron) Examples:


과거 (아바타2 – Avatar 2):

  • 마이클베이감독과 같이 촬영을 할까 했어요.
    I was thinking about filming the movie together with director Michael Bay.
  • 트랜스포머와 아바타를 같이 만들까 했어요.
    I was thinking about making it with Avatars and Transformers.
  • 요즘 좋은 아바타 이야기가 생각이 안 났기 때문에 아바타1 만 만들까 했어요.
    Recently, since I haven’t had any good ideas for an Avatar story, I was thinking about only making Avatar 1.
  • 깊은 바다에서 촬영했을 때 아트란티스의 아바타 이야기를 쓸까 했어요.
    When we filmed in the deep ocean, I thought about writing a story about Atlantis Avatars.
  • 이전 아바타 캐스트를 다 해고 할까 했어요.
    I was thinking about firing all the previous Avatar cast members.
  • 시고니위버가 자가 부활 날까 했어요.
    I was thinking about resurrecting Sigourney Weaver’s character.

현재 (아바타3):

  • 달을 촬영 할까 해요.
    I’m thinking about filming on the moon.
  • 3D촬영을 안 할까 해요.
    I’m thinking about not doing it in 3D.
  • 나하고 조지루커스랑 아바타팀과 스타워즈7의 우주에 방문을 할까 해요.
    Me and George Lucas are thinking about having the Avatar team visit the Star Wars 7 universe.
  • 아바타3를 크리스에번스배우랑 설국열차처럼 만들까해요.
    I’m thinking about making Avatar 3 a lot like Snowpiercer with Chris Evans.
  • 아바타3를 생각할 때마다 멸치 피자를 요리할까 해요.
    Every time I think about Avatar 3, I think about cooking an anchovy pizza.
  • 아바타10까지 촬영을 할까 해요.
    I’m thinking about making movies up to Avatar 10.
  • 미스터민은 아바타10까지의 주연 배우 역할를 맡을까해요.

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