Intermediate Grammar #26: ~(으)려던 참이다 “I was just about to…”

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~려던 참이다:

  • Expresses a fact that the speaker was already intending to do at just that moment or very soon
  • Equivalent to “I was just about to…” OR “I had already been planning to…”


  • Only used with Verbs
  • ~(으)려던 참이다 = “I was just about to…” at that very minute
  • ~(으)려던 참이었다 = “I had already been planning to…” at some time in the future
  • When responding to someone who suggests doing what you’d already thought about doing, use:
    • 마침 (“just at this moment”)
    • 그렇지 않아도 (“as a matter of fact”)
    • 안 그래도 (“anyway/actually/already”)
  • DON’T: use future tense
  • CAN USE: ~(으)려던 참에 in the middle of a sentence – when a second clause follows the first



  • ~(으)려던 참이다

(스타워즈감독 제이제이에브럼스 – Star Wars Director J.J.Abbrams) Examples:


Most of the information presented below has come from this website that details everything we now know (April 2014) about the upcoming Star Wars 7 movie.

~(으)려던 참이다:

  • 스타워즈7가 2015년 12월 18일에 나올 날짜가 알리려던 참이예요.
    I was just about to let you know that Star Wars 7 will come out on December 18, 2015.
  • 가능한 배우들이 인터뷰하려던 참에 비디오 녹화가 할 수 있겠니?
    I was just about to interview possible actors, so is it possible to record that on video?
  • 아담드라이버가 악당의 메이크업을 맡으려던 참이예요.
    Adam Driver was just about to apply the villain’s makeup.
  • 츄바카와 R2D2와 한솔로와 레이어공주와 루크스카이워커를 공항에서 데리고 오려던 참이고 오늘 촬영 할 거예요.
    Chewbacca, R2D2, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker were just about to arrive from the airport, so we are going to film today.
  • 새로운 스타워즈 영화가 제다이의 귀한 영화를 삼십년 후에 한 것이 이야기 하려던 참이예요.
    I was just about to make the new Star Wars film’s story set 30 years after The Return of the Jedi.
  • 이제 스크립트를 다 쓰고 끝나려던 참인데 교정해주세요.
    I was just about to finish writing the script, so please proofread it for me.
  • 이 스타워즈 영화 시리즈의 원작을 우주에서 하려던 참이지만 책에서는 우주에서 안 하기로 확정 했어요.
    I was already planning for this Star Wars movie to happen entirely in the original galaxy, and I just confirmed that it won’t be in the galaxy in the books.

~(으)려던 참이었다

  • 디즈니스튜디오가 우리 영화 예산을 2억 달러로 설정하려던 참이었어요.
    Disney Studios had already been planning to give us a movie budget of $200 million.
  • 오늘 아부다비에서 촬영 했는데 나는 예전부터 여기에서 촬영하려던 참이었어요.
    Today we filmed in Abu Dhabi, and I’d already been planning to film here for a long time.
  • 많은 스타워즈 영화가 영국에서 촬영했으니까 이 영화도 거기에서 촬영하려던 참이었어요.
    Since many Star Wars films were shot in England, we were already planning to shoot this film there as well.
  • 지금 디즈니수튜디오가 스타워즈 독점 판매권을 소유 하고 있어서 새로운 영화 다스미키 만들려던 참이었어요.
    Since Disney now owns the Star Wars franchise, I was already planning to make “Darth Mickey” in the new movies.
  • 트위터에 새로운 스타워즈 영화의 비밀을 다 말하려던 참이었어요.
    I was already planning to reveal all the new Star Wars secrets on Twitter.
  • 이 영화가 군중 출처 촬영하려던 참이었는데 페이스북하고 트위터 사용자들은 셀프 사진이나 셀프 동영상을 꼭 보내주세요. ~^^
    Since this movie will be crowd-sourced for filming, Facebook and Twitter users, please definitely send in your self-photos and self-videos.

**These are notes from Korean Grammar in Use: Intermediate. For more in-depth explanations, buy the book.