The 100 Awesomest People in Korean History (List) Korean history + Trot (트로트) = Required karaoke for all Korean 5th graders (or at least, so I was told by my Winter Camp 5th graders). Anyone who’s interested in Korean culture or Korean history would be greatly interested in this song and story. The song name is: Korean: 한국을 빛낸 100명의 위인들 Hanja: 韓國을 빛낸 百名의 […]

Happy First Birthday Key To Korean!

Well guys, Key To Korean is officially 1-year old on Tuesday next week (August 27). At least, that’s when the first year of our web registration expires (though planning for the site and classes actually began weeks before that). It’s definitely been an eventful year. So, below, I’ll give you a breakdown of what’s happened over […]