April 2014 In Review

In April, I read both of Darren Hardy’s Success books: The Compound Effect and Living Your Best Year Ever. Thanks to some of the advice from these books (as well as some I’ve read in David Allen’s Getting Things Done), I’ve determined that it’s a good idea to set a limited number of goals at different levels. Here […]

Auction.co.kr Plays with Animals and Korean in New Commercials

Original (animal spellings) 불편한 쇼핑왕국 Uncomfortable Shopping Kingdom 쥐: 불편하쥐 Mouse: Uncomfortable Mouse 개: 귀찮개… Dog: Annoying Dog… 지렁이: 짜증나지렁~~ Worm: Crappy Worm~~ 양: 이게 다 뭐양? Sheep: What is all this Sheep? 돼지: 해도 해도 안 돼지 Pig: Try, try, can’t Pig 새: 포기하새! Bird: Abandon Bird! 불편했던 쇼핑 Used to be uncomfortable shopping […]