Apologies for our Contact Form ERROR

Admin note:

Wow guys! I thought we weren’t very popular because I haven’t been getting ANY mail in my inbox from this site for 3-4 months now! Turns out there’s just something wrong with this Contact form! ㅠㅠ  So sorry about that.

But I was smart enough to install a plugin catches all your messages and stores them in a database for me. So I have just FOUND all your messages.

If you’ve contacted us within recent months, please be assured that I will reply to you personally (with my apologies). But for now, if you have any more comments or questions, please direct them to:

admin (at) keytokorean (dot) com

Again, apologies for the error. I’ll get this fixed as soon as possible.

Low Intermediate Week 6 Review

Most Important Things We Went Over This Week No imperative or propositive sentences: -아/어서 (general reasons), ~때문에 (because) ~으니까 (subjective reason or providing basis for a reason) and CANNOT be used with greeting words (but -아/어서 can be) 주세요 = statement/ 주시겠어요? = question 줄게요 = statement/ 줄께요? = question ~아/어 보다 = have had […]

Low Intermediate Week 1 Review

Most Important Things We Went Over This Week 이/가 is the subject particle marker; 을/를 is the object particle marker. 그리고/그렇지만/그래서 can drop all the 그 ㄹ stuff to join together those two sentences with just ~고~/~지만~/~서~. Make almost any sentence “formal” by adding 시 after the base verb (가다 = 가시다, etc). 당신 = […]