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Update to Grammar (and other Content types)

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I’ve spent a number of months (and years) trying to work out a good way that I personally want to organize and categorize this blog going forward.

Right now, I’ve completed KIIP Level 5 (not the test), and should be able to get a Level 3 or 4 in TOPIK – but I haven’t actually taken the test in years.

However, I have recently been presented with a very unique [new opportunity] in which I want to challenge myself to use Korean as much as possible. Therefore, preparing myself for this challenge, and preparing and organizing my own study materials has become a greater priority for me these days.

Changes to Grammar (and other Content types)

If you’ve searched for a Korean grammar point and found your way to this blog from links on other sites or a search engine, you may notice that the link you followed no longer works.

I’m sorry.

Over the next few days, I’m going to be working on transferring content from our old Grammar pages to a new version that will be more intuitive and helpful going forward. It’s not an automatic process, so it will take time. I’m also going to try to fix any broken links with redirects to the correct (updated) content.

Please be patient as I work on this.

I’m glad this blog has been helpful for so many people, but I’ve been frustrated recently at the disorganization, and incompleteness. Therefore, I’m working on fixing things, but that also means some things may become broken (and repaired) during the process.

Also, I put this blog together in my spare time, apart from a full-time job, multiple side hustles, and a family.

Anyway, thanks for your patronage! And I hope that this blog can become a thing of beauty, motivation, and a great Korean learning resource over the next year.

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