Sewol Tragedy: Translated “Word of Apology” from the Operating Company + Investigations

The above image and message were posted on the homepage of the Sewol operating company ChongHaeJin Shipping. The entire website is “dead” (no links) except for this message. 사죄의 말씀 (Word of Apology) 이번 세월호 좌초 사고로 고귀한 생명을 잃은 고인의 명복을 빌며 유가족 분들에게 엎드려 사죄드깁니다. We send our deepest apologies and condolences to […]

Intermediate Grammar #24: ~(으)ㄹ까 하다 “I’m thinking about…”

← Previous Full Grammar List Next → ~(으)ㄹ까 하다: Indicates a vague intention or rough plan that can yet be changed. Equivalent to “I’m thinking about…” or “I had been thinking about…” Cannot be used in the future tense. Usage: ONLY: use with declarative sentences NO: interrogative, propositional, imperative sentences NO: future tense Negative form: […]

Intermediate Grammar #23: ~다니요? “Really? I can’t believe…”

← Previous Full Grammar List Next → ~다니요?: Use if you’re surprised at or can’t believe something you just heard. Used to repeat the relevant info while expressing your surprised feeling at that info. Equivalent to “Really? I can’t believe…” Usage: Different conjugations based on (1) declarative, (2) interrogative, (3) propositive, and (4) imperative sentences. […]