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Who are you? Korean Expressions #12 describe (negative) character qualities

101-water-demon 102-sell-water 103-inkpad-box 104-borrowed-barley 105-needs-salt 106-nana-nana-boo-boo 107-slut 107b-bastard 108-slow 109-machine-gun

Have you ever met any of these people?

  1. The guy at work who’s getting fired and is determined to get you fired too.
  2. The guy who could sell water to a well.
  3. A bricked iPad, game system, or computer (or a just a guy who says, “Yes, you can breath underwater! Watch me!”)
  4. The awkward one at a social gathering – who just sits in the corner and doesn’t approach anyone (I actually was this one just the other day at a multi-church picnic – but I was sick, and tired).
  5. Or another (English) expression that my brother likes to say “One crayon short of a coloring box.”
  6. The kids on the playground who stick out their tongues and say “blergh!”
  7. The woman who purposefully just messes with you or does all she can to make life terrible.
  8. The guy in traffic who drives dangerously, cutting everyone off and almost killing people.
  9. Someone you have to repeat a joke to 5 times before they get it – and by then the joke has totally lost its comedy.
  10. Someone who just can’t keep their mouth shut – never knows when to give it a rest.

Have you ever been one of these people?

You don’t have to admit it. But if you have been, at least you now know how Koreans will be talking about you behind your back! ;D

**These expressions are from How Koreans Talk: A Collection of Expressions.For more in-depth explanations, buy the book.

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