Over the next few months, I’m going to be doing some cleanup on this site to prepare for the “next stage” in its life. A few things I’m going to focus on:

  1. Site(s) cleanup – a few people have found a place to create subsites of this one. This is a feature that is not yet (supposed to be) available, so those sites will be deleted. In the future, I may allow paying members to create their own subsites, but not yet.
  2. Plugins cleanup – some plugins (functionality) are making parts of this site run slowly or not function well. I’m going to minimalize the plugins this site depends on in order to streamline it. (So some things may break – send me a message if they do.)
  3. Site restructuring – I’m going to streamline the content as well to make for better reading and finding of information – beginning with Menus and Categories (today).
  4. New theme – I’m (still) in the middle of creating a new theme for the next cycle of this site. Hopefully we’ll get that implemented shortly.
  5. Grammar plugin – I’m planning to pull all the Grammar posts out of the normal Posts and separate them into their own area for better organization and management of the grammar points.

Logistically speaking, the following also need to be updated:

  1. Better SEO – This means going back through the old Posts, editing, updating, and improving SEO.
  2. Better Backups – possibly including separating out the Media files to a separate domain (should also improve page load time)

Summer Update 2017

Let me give you a really quick update about me. This may help you understand why this site hasn’t received as much “love” lately. As you may have read elsewhere on the blog, the following have kept me extremely busy since about 2013: I’m working 2 (nearly full-time) day jobs I’m trying to change my […]

Work for the Fall

Key To Korean needs an upgrade.  After being “away” from the site for a while, here are the first major things I noticed when coming back to it: Design: complicated, cramped, too much information/stuff Colors: not bad, but could use tweaking and optimization Fonts: old and small Images: not consistent Page organization: haphazard, unorganized Plugins: […]