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2019: The Year of FREE Stuff!

In 2019, I’m hoping to GIVE AWAY something different every single Saturday. Stay tuned!

Hi everyone! Thanks for being a reader of Key To Korean.

Let me say that I’m sorry I haven’t been more active here in recent years. I’ve been working 2-3 full-time jobs at a time, but I’m finally slowing down a little and looking to do some major upgrades to this site in 2019.

Let me also say, “Happy Birthday!” to my son.

Today is my son’s 8th birthday, and as a gift to YOU on my son’s birthday, I want to announce that 2019 is going to be our “Year of Giveaways”! Even Saturday, I’ll be listing a NEW Giveaway that you can register for.

I have LOADS of stuff to give away – not all of it is New – but all of it is Korean, and it will all be clearly labeled when we give it away. I’ve got:

  • Korean books
  • Korean DVDs, VCDs, and CDs
  • Magnets and trinkets from Korea
  • Digital products
  • And more will follow

Bookmark our new Giveaways Page to stay updated on the latest giveaways, or check this blog periodically, or join our email Subscribers List.

But now, let me introduce the FIRST giveaway of 2019 which has been a major undertaking of mine in 2018.

Jeonbuk Life 2018 Magazines Giveaway

Giveaway Link (click here)

The first giveaway of the year is a year’s worth of reading in the Jeonbuk Life magazine! I became the magazine designer last spring and have put together 4 high-quality magazine designs (A4 size) for you. Take a look at my first professional magazine work.

The webpage will randomly select FIVE (5) winners who will get to enjoy a collective 208 pages of Jeollabuk-do beauty!

If you didn’t know it by now, Jeonju (where I live) is the capital and largest city in North Jeolla province (Jeollabuk-do) and this magazine is an English-language promotional magazine for the province that’s sponsored by the Jeonbuk Center for International Affairs (JBCIA).

If you’d like to read these magazines ONLINE right now, check out this link.

Giveaway Link (click here)

I wish you a prosperous New Year in 2019! And may all your Korean learning dreams come true~~

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