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Seollal is your second chance at New Year’s Resolutions

One of my favorite parts of living in Korea is the celebration of the Lunar New Year. This gives me a bit of a runway to get my New Year’s Resolutions going.

After all, the holiday season is quite busy. I may consider New Year’s goals at that time, but I don’t usually have enough space or thinking time to actually make good on my plans.

I often have many false starts and small failures along the way during the first month of the New Year. But… then, here comes Seollal (the Lunar New Year)! Awesome! A second chance to get started right!

In fact, if I’ve been smart about things, then I will have used the whole month of January to begin building momentum and trying out new habits and lifestyle choices that I then want to solidify after the Lunar New Year in February. This is really a great way for me to say, “You know, I think I want to try XYZ this year,” and give it a go for one short month – without feeling the guilt of a need to continue it if I find it’s not working out after a month. And then, I’m able to more quickly move on to the next idea that might work out better for me.

Overall, I really enjoy having Seollal (Feb 4-6 this year, 2019) because I really feel great about having TWO chances to get my New Year’s plans right.


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So, to coincide with my reflection on New Year’s goals and the upcoming Lunar New Year, I’ve chosen a collection of 3 different Korean yoga and diet DVDs to giveaway this week. The Giveaway will end on the last day of the Seollal holiday.

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