Learning With Texts Dictionary Update

FYI: For anyone having trouble with Naver dictionary no longer loading properly in LWT (Learning With Texts): I’ve discovered that the original Naver dictionary link I used isn’t working properly right now: http://endic.naver.com/search.nhn?sLn=kr&isOnlyViewEE=N&query=### (Note, the portion in red wasn’t in my original link – I found that added in Naver today when I checked.) Therefore, […]

LWT #1 – Learning with Texts is Awesome!

There are already a great deal of excellent webposts discussing the benefits, usage, and installation of Learning with Texts. So, with this post I hope to merely introduce the use of the software in action and convince any non-believers of its usefulness. What is Learning with Texts? Learning with Texts is basically: a piece of website software […]