Vocabulary for Leases and Real Estate

We again have a guest post from Darren and Yuna at askakoreanlawyer.blogspot.kr. They have some information about Renting and Deposit Protection and hopefully these phrases can help you shop smart. Leases (임대차계약서) 어휘 English meaning 임대인 landlord (legal, formal) 집주인 landlord (informal); literally, house-owner-person 임차인 tenant 보증금 Deposit 월세 Monthly rental contract (월 = month) 전세 […]

Vocabulary RE: Legal Professionals

Again we are happy to welcome Yuna Lee and Darren Bean of  //askakoreanlawyer.blogspot.com// today supplementing their post about types of legal professionals in Korea. Vocabulary: 행정사 = Administrative counselor 노무사 = Labor counselor 법무사 = General counselor 변리사 = Intellectual property counselor 변호사 = Attorney 공증 = Notary 공증인증서 = Notarization 고용 = Employment 노동 […]