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Korean Vocabulary Frequency Lists (Intermediate)

I’ve recently finished creating the PDFs for the Intermediate Level (B) Korean Vocabulary Frequency Lists.

Here are the links to all the Frequency Lists and bundles we have available so far:

Level B (중급)

  1. Full List (PDF) – 2111 Words
  2. Nouns only (PDF) – 1199 Nouns
  3. Verbs only (PDF) – 501 Verbs
  4. Adjectives only (PDF) – 132 Adjectives
  5. BUNDLE (All PDFs + Vocab in an Excel Spreadsheet)

Level A (초급)

  1. Full List (PDF) – 982 Words
  2. Nouns only (PDF) – 497 Nouns
  3. Verbs only (PDF) – 155 Verbs
  4. Adjectives only (PDF) – 75 Adjectives
  5. Other only (PDF) – 255 Other words
  6. BUNDLE (All PDFs + Vocab in an Excel Spreadsheet)

And here are some articles explaining why Frequency Lists are beneficial:

  1. Vocab Frequency Lists are a Language Learner’s Best Friend
  2. Resources for Studying for TOPIK

Stay tuned for our upcoming release of the Advanced Level (C) Lists as well. And, hopefully within a few months we’ll be able to start offering these PDFs with a membership to our website.

Stay tuned!

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