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Vocabulary for Leases and Real Estate

We again have a guest post from Darren and Yuna at They have some information about Renting and Deposit Protection and hopefully these phrases can help you shop smart.

Leases (임대차계약서)

어휘 English meaning
임대인 landlord (legal, formal)
집주인 landlord (informal); literally, house-owner-person
임차인 tenant
보증금 Deposit
월세 Monthly rental contract (월 = month)
전세 Prepayment contract
확정일자 Literally, a fixed date (確定日字)–but it’s also a type of registration to protect your deposit.
부동산 Real estate agent (literally “unmovable property” – 아닐 부, 음직일 동, and the same 산 as in 재산, property)
공인중개사 Real estate agent (literally “public (공 like 공원) person (사람 인) – broker/intermediary (중개-가운대 중, same 개 as 소개, introduction), and 사 as in person.
피터펜 Peter Pan – a Naver cafe where tenants directly find new tenants (eliminating the real estate agent’s fee)
담보(권) security interest
경매 forced sale


임대인이 보증금을 반납해 주지 않을까 봐서 확정일자를 받았습니다.
For fear the landlord might not return my deposit, I registered my lease.

부동산과 공인중개사들은 너무 비싸서 피터펜으로 직접 찾는 게 좋지요.
Real estate agents are too expensive so it’s better to find someone directly through Peter Pan.

전세하시면 2억이고 월세하시면 천에 오십입니다.
If you want a prepayment lease, it’s 200 million won; for a monthly lease its 10 million and 500 thousand per month.

(월세 contracts are often priced by saying “X에 Y” where both are in 만원; X is the deposit, and Y is the monthly payment.)

건물에 담보권이 있어서 경매가 가능합니다.
Because you have a security interest in the building, you can force a sale.

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