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A Collection of 80 Korean Rock Hits to Introduce you to some New Bands

Wow!~ I have to say, it is quite nice to see such a large collection of Korean bands that actually know how to play their instruments – and do it well (as opposed to another 5-person dance-troupe boy/girl-band K-pop group). I was also impressed to see how many females were in this list as drummers, guitarists, singers, or the entire band.

Big thanks to Jase for putting together this collection~

Jase’s 2014 List (YouTube playlist)

  1. 부활사랑하고 있다
  2. 고고보이스우린 긴 여행을 하는 거야
  3. 노리너에게로
  4. 몽니순간 안에
  5. 다이얼라잇Satellite
  6. 크라잉넛Lego
  7. 소찬휘사랑해서 그런다
  8. 아이씨사이다짱가 (짱의 노래)
  9. 어텐션 24Can You Go On?
  10. The Plain9월의 어느 오후
  11. 비밥내가 메인이야
  12. 워너Rewind
  13. 이선정밴드Ordinary Day
  14. 포레스트Lost
  15. 세버디이어Suicide
  16. 김바다문에이지 드림
  17. 페퍼톤스Solar System Super Stars
  18. 로열 파이럿츠서울 촌놈
  19. 폰부스재클린
  20. 스윗 리벤지멜로
  21. 리플렉스물어본다
  22. 해리빅버튼Trust Game
  23. 정준영Teenager
  24. CruxZero Gravity
  25. 제이민Shine
  26. Jeremy너를 부를까
  27. 홀로그램 필름리턴
  28. 메브Just You
  29. 체리필터안드로메다
  30. Nell소멸탈출
  31. Thornapple낯선 열대
  32. Blackhole일어나, 괜찮아
  33. 아프로마리아
  34. Norazo만병통치가
  35. The StrikersTV Monster
  36. 아모르파티Say the Word
  37. 무아소닉 붐
  38. 국카스텐변신
  39. 밴드 말하기듣기안녕
  40. 디아블로Breath
  41. 펄케이Nobody Knows
  42. 장기하와 얼굴들내 사람
  43. 왁스비상
  44. 블랙뮤조What
  45. 핑크퍼니에이드Shez Punk
  46. 옐로우 몬스터즈빨갱이
  47. 휴이
  48. Love X StereoStorm
  49. HeoWord of Silence
  50. 예리밴드로미오 마네킹

Jase’s 2013 List (YouTube playlist)

  1. YB미스터리
  2. 적우달로 가자 버스야
  3. 김사랑ICU
  4. 요아리맘에 드니?
  5. 네버마인드Hoi Hoi
  6. 한희정
  7. 블로큰발렌타인알루미늄
  8. SaltNPaper모자
  9. FTIsland미치도록
  10. 락타이거즈Haunted
  11. 로열 파이러츠Shout Out
  12. 리터Breakers
  13. Love X StereoSoul City (Seoul City)
  14. 강승윤Wild and Young
  15. 소찬휘보낼 수 밖에 없는 난
  16. 트랜스픽션Rock Star
  17. 더넛츠사랑노트
  18. 레드애플바람따라
  19. W&Jas별을 쫓는 아이
  20. CNBlueI’m Sorry
  21. 제이워커Crash N Burn
  22. 조용필헬로
  23. 김재중Mine
  24. Kris LeoneInto the skies
  25. NellOcean of Light
  26. 자우림이카푸스
  27. 김바다써칭
  28. 베인스Moth
  29. 정준영병이에요
  30. 타루Rainy

Did you discover any new and interesting bands in this collection? One thing I did notice was in the playlist, one Channel kept popping up as hosting a large number of these songs. Mirrorball Music (미러볼 뮤직) turns out is a K-Indie channel with Rock, Hip-hop, and looks like Indie Pop playlists. It’s worth checking out.

Another interesting group I noticed while checking these out was Ukulele Picnic. Not exactly “rock” but good nonetheless. Here’s one of their songs below (Merry Christmas!~)

Also, don’t forget to check out and for more great Indie and rock hits.

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