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Get Excited About the 2014 Brazil World Cup Korean Style with an Album of Cheering Songs

Get pumped up for the 2014 Brazil World Cup Korean-style with this new CD from some of Korea’s top bands and singers!

This is the 5th “Red Devils” album (Korea’s national soccer team mascot is the Red Devil). If you want to see more info on the album you can Naver search for “2014 브라질 월드컵 붉은악마 공식 응원가”. Or if you want to see previous albums, just revert the date to 4 years ago (2010).

Most of the songs in the playlist above are “official music videos” with the exception of “Always Reds” (#6) and “Jump” (#9) below (which I could only find low quality handphone recordings of live).


  1. 투혼가 (에일리 (Ailee))
  2. 외쳐라! 대한민국 (We Are The Reds) (Keepop, 윤형빈, 서두원)
  3. 승리를 위하여 2014 (트랜스 픽션, 민아 (걸스데이))
  4. 달리자! 내 친구야 (딕펑스 (Dickpunks))
  5. 그대, 승리의 날개를 펼쳐라 (AOA)
  6. Always Reds (정준영 & 소울다이브)
  7. Go Reds Go (타이니지 (TINY-G))
  8. Go All (브로큰 발렌타인 (Broken Valentine))
  9. 내일로 Jump (Cheering Song Edition) (로맨틱 펀치 (Romantic Punch))

You can also find this album on Naver Music here and download it as MP3s if you choose.

Korea usually gets a bit crazy during the World Cup. I’ve never seen so many people – an entire country really – so excited about a single sporting event.

Sure, the US has the Superbowl and the World Series, but both of those major events pits teams from the same country against each other. So it’s really half the country rooting again the other half – and that’s only if half the country is really excited about one team or the other. More often than not, the fans whose teams don’t make it to those events could care less about who wins or loses.

But the World Cup – even more so than the Olympics – brings the entire country of Korea together in a red frenzy to cheer for their team. See what I mean?

2002 World Cup cheering crowd in Seoul
2002 World Cup cheering crowd in Seoul

Here’s looking forward to another interesting and exciting World Cup!~

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