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40-Days ALL Challenges


To make it easier to reference all 40 of the Daily Challenges presented in my 40-Day Korean Speaking Challenge eBook, I’ve collected them all here (work in progress):

Week 1: The Keys to Korean

  1. Gather your resources and share them.
  2. Record a self-introduction video in front of someone else.
  3. Speak at least 5 sentences in Korean with 5 different people today.
  4. Make a list of the things in Korean that intrinsically motivate you – then share your list.
  5. Assign Triggers, define a Routine, and prepare Rewards to get you in a Korean studying Habit.
  6. Set a Schedule and mini-reminders to speak Korean on cue today. Reduce Scope if necessary.
  7. Try out at least 3 new (or not well-known) words, phrases, or grammar structures on 3 different people today, in different contexts.

Week 2: Language Skills

  1. Make (or find) a list of words to memorize. Tackle them at a reasonable pace (10-50/day). Then use the words immediately in conversation (or writing).
  2. Ask a Korean friend to speak some vocabulary words or phrases to you while you try to spell them properly (or write all your students’ names on the board in Korean). Ask for immediate feedback.
  3. Choose 5-10 grammar rules you’ve previously studied and don’t yet know well. Write 10 sentences using each rule in your notebook.
  4. 1) Listen to an audio passage. 2) Write down what you hear. 3) Proofread what you wrote. 4) Read aloud what you proofread.
  5. Choose a resource listed and find something (at an appropriate level) to study and memorize.
  6. Choose a level-appropriate TOPIK prompt (below) and write an essay using the spacing and Wongoji guidelines (below). (Or write simple phrases.)
  7. Find a language exchange partner and record a conversation (in Korean) with them. Also, plan and write down a regular meeting schedule.

Week 3: Celebrity Case Studies

  1. Choose a Korean book to read go through it (or some of it) paying attention to any new words and phrases. Write those down and learn them. Then, try to use those new words and phrases 5 times today in a real-world setting with a native speaker.
  2. Do NOTHING in English today unless absolutely necessary. Turn off the English TV, English movies, English music. Get out and meet an old friend or make a new friend and have a 20-minute conversation with them in Korean.
  3. Put yourself in a social situation today that forces you to speak Korean. Meet at least 2 new people and (confidently) start a conversation with them in Korean.
  4. Answer this question in Korean (on paper or video): 어떻게 한국말을 아주 잘 배울거예요?
  5. Choose a movie or TV show today that has subtitles in Korean. Follow the steps listed above (like taking notes) for effective video viewing. Then (like Jackie), immediately go out and use 5 of the new words or phrases you learned.
  6. Ask a native speaker you know to coach your pronunciation, especially through phrases.
  7. Choose a book to do the above exercise with and record a video of your 3 oral readings. Also include a video of the native speaker’s reading if possible.

Week 4: Practical Skills

This post will continue to be updated…

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