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120 Days to TOPIK #29 – Let’s Study Some Vocab!


So, hi again. It’s been a while.

Actually, according to my calendar, I should be writing “120 Days to TOPIK #42” today. So, I got a little behind schedule. My apologies. Sometimes it’s just tough to do EVERYTHING you want, so you have to prioritize. Over the past month (during my absence), this is what I prioritized:

  1. Summer English Camp (takes up almost ALL my time, but pays well)
  2. Summer vacation with my family (actually, I started working at high school again 2 weeks ago, and my family spent time with friends in Daemyoung Resort Byeonsan – I went down after work and returned every morning)
  3. Teaching 3 Computer Science courses at high school (and prepping the computer lab for a new semester, getting syllabuses and lessons plans all fleshed out, etc)

The last time I took the TOPIK test, I recognized quickly that VOCABULARY was one of my weakest points. I only recognized about 60% of the vocab throughout the test. Therefore, my MAIN priority this summer has been to dramatically increase my vocabulary. So:

  1. I prioritized creating 30 new flashcards EVERY SINGLE MORNING for 50 days as I worked my way through 쏙쏙 TOPIK 어휘 중급
  2. I REVIEWED previously studied vocab every day according to the Leitner Calendar I created
  3. And all in all, I ended up studying 1500 NEW vocabulary words SO FAR (with more yet to come)

Actually, these past two weeks as I went back to high school teaching, I also finished the vocabulary book I was working on. So, these were the first two weeks over the summer that I DIDN’T study/review much Korean. Time to get back on that horse now I think.

Therefore, because I’m:

  1. Behind schedule with this TOPIK posting
  2. Needing to get back into the swing of things
  3. Interested in continually, actively learning VOCABULARY

The next series of Posts on this blog will be VOCABULARY lists (and also, Vocab lists are our most popular Posts on this blog). I will TRY to create simple PDFs for each new list in order to allow you to more easily print them off. And I will make them available for FREE on our Vocabulary Page.


For now, your “Challenge” is simply to go back over some of our previous Posts (linked above and listed below) and prepare your own mind for new Vocab. (Grammar will eventually be our next step, but let’s start with Vocab).

  1. Get Back on that Horse that Bucked You
  2. Learn 3600 Words in 4 Months Practicing only 30 Minutes Per Day! (+ Leitner Calendar)
  3. Specialized Vocabulary Subjects to Study for TOPIK
  4. ALL Vocabulary

Over to You

How goes your TOPIK prep? It’s definitely not an easy thing to stay motivated and moving for a full 120 consecutive days. Have you taken any time off? Have you dropped the ball anywhere and need to pick it back up? Let me know in the Comments below or with #120TOPIK on social media.

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