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120 TOPIK #28 – Specialized Vocabulary Subjects to Study for TOPIK


Vocabulary was my weakness on the previous TOPIK test, so this time I want to be sure to study vocab hard. And I want to study the RIGHT vocab hard. In the TOPIK Writing book I’ve got, there are extensive lists of vocabulary that may be present on the TOPIK test. Below, you can see a list of topics from the book:

  • 장소별 어휘 (Specialized place vocabulary)
    • 고객 센터 (customer center)
    • 공항 (airport)
    • 도서관 (library)
    • 미용실 (hair salon)
    • 부동산 (real estate)
    • 분실물 보관소 (lost-and-found)
    • 수리 센터 (repair center)
    • 세탁소 (laundromat)
    • 우체국 (post office)
    • 약국 / 병원 (pharmacy / hospital)
    • 은행 (bank)
    • 호텔 (hotel)
  • 주제별 어휘 (Specialized subject vocabulary)
    • 가정 (home)
    • 감정 (emotion)
    • 건강 (health)
    • 경제 (economy)
    • 계획 / 희망 (plan / hope)
    • 공연 / 전시회 (performance / exhibition)
    • 과학과 발전 (science and development)
    • 교육 (education)
    • 교통 (traffic)
    • 교환 / 환불 (exchange / return)
    • 날씨 (weather)
    • 대중문화 (pop culture)
    • 도시 (city)
    • 동물 (animals)
    • 몸짓 (gestures)
    • 방송 (broadcasting)
    • 봉사 (service)
    • 부탁 (requests)
    • 사건 / 사고 (incidents / accidents)
    • 사회 / 정치 (society / politics)
    • 사회 문제 (societal problems)
    • 상품 소개 (deals)
    • 소개 (introductions)
    • 성격 (personality)
    • 쇼핑 (shopping)
    • 스포츠 (sports)
    • 식물 (plants)
    • 신체 (body)
    • 여행 (travel)
    • 역사 (history)
    • 연애 / 결혼 (love / marriage)
    • 예술 (art)
    • 예절 (manners)
    • 외모 (appearance)
    • 요리 (cooking)
    • 운동 (exercise)
    • 위치 (location)
    • 음식 (food)
    • 의상 (clothing)
    • 인사 / 안부 (greetings / regards)
    • 일과 (work)
    • 재난 / 재해 (calamities / natural disasters)
    • 조사 (research)
    • 주문 (questions)
    • 직장 (workplace)
    • 취미 (hobbies)
    • 취업 / 아르바이트 / 면접 (entering work / part-time jobs / interviews)
    • 컴퓨터 (computer)
    • 풍습 (customs)
    • 피부 / 미용 (skin / beauty)
    • 학교 (school)
    • 한국문화 (Korean culture)
    • 행사 (events)
    • 환경 (environment)
    • 회사 (office)


Get familiar with AS MUCH vocab, grammar, and expressions as you possibly can related to these subjects before the test.

  1. You may be able to do a Google Search to find some good lists in each category
  2. OR you could buy the TOPIK Writing book that I have
  3. OR you could join our GIVEAWAY for the NEW Themed vocab book from Tuttle Publishing
  4. OR you could just go and buy the book from Tuttle yourself

But, one thing is for certain – he with the most vocab on the test – WINS. (Or at least does significantly better than he would have without cracking down on the vocab study.)

Over to you:

How’s your vocab study going? I’ve gone through 30 days at 30 words per day – (that’s 900 new words I’ve studied since starting!). Let me know how your studying is going on social media with #120TOPIK or in the Comments below.

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