120 Days to TOPIK #30 – The List of 1500 Intermediate TOPIK Words I Studied This Summer


I spent the summer studying 30 new vocabulary words per day, making flashcards for them and going through the Leitner Calendar Spaced Repetition System to make it all work and help me memorize the words long-term. Well, after creating 1500 flashcards, I found that I needed a quick refresher with some of the words, so I decided to type out the entire list and create a printable PDF with it for easy reference.



  1. 1500 Intermediate Words PDF
  2. 1500 Intermediate Words XLS List

I’m providing these in two formats (PDF and Excel). The lists are divided into 4 categories of words:

  1. Day 1-22: Nouns (명사)
  2. Day 23-39: Verbs (동사)
  3. Day 40-45: Adjectives (형용사)
  4. Day 46-50: Adverbs (부사)

And obviously, for the highest benefit, it would be best for you to pick up a copy of the book yourself:



Learn these words! It’s already made a big difference in my comprehension of Korean and I feel like my eyes and ears are truly opened for the first time in many years.

But, I can also tell that you need to work on these DAILY according to the Leitner Calendar schedule for best results. I’ve neglected reviewing for about 2 weeks and am having trouble recalling many of the words – I KNOW I’ve studied them, but I can’t remember them at all. Time to get back to review!

Over to you

How is your study going? Do you find you need more help with Vocab or Grammar? Reading or Writing? Let me know on social media with #120TOPIK or in the Comments below.