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Expressions #13 – Just a Bunch of Idiots


Just a bunch of idiots. Which ones are they?

  1. The guy who just “can’t remember” any of the terrible things he’s done.
  2. The guy who toots his own horn.
  3. The idiotic leader.
  4. The people who insist on doing things “by the book” when it clearly isn’t the right course of action.
  5. The jerk who robs you.
  6. The guy who thinks he’s a “playa.”
  7. Silly looking Korean totem poles.
  8. Stone grandpas on Jeju island.
  9. The guy who just doesn’t stand up for himself (or maybe the jerks who pick on him).
  10. The guy who is clueless about women.

As usual, click on any of the pictures to be taken to a more detailed explanation for each.

Do you know any of these characters? Have you ever been one?

**These expressions are from How Koreans Talk: A Collection of Expressions.For more in-depth explanations, buy the book.

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