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Stories Describe Numerous Character Types in Korea – Which One Are You? (Expressions #14)

117-envoy 118-executioner 119-idiot 120-outcasts 121-licorice 122-bff 123-no-compromise 124-weak-indecisive 125-no-temptation 126-honey-man 127-ong-ko-jip 128-everywhere 129-kisaeng-bro 129b-kisaeng

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Here are the basic types:

  1. MIA (someone who’s always “Missing In Action”)
  2. A rascal who’s bad to his parents
  3. A flat out idiot
  4. An outcast
  5. An indispensable person
  6. A childhood buddy
  7. Someone who won’t compromise
  8. A weak and indecisive person with no charisma
  9. Someone impervious to sexual temptation
  10. A terrible communicator
  11. A Scrooge (stubborn, miserly, and greedy)
  12. Someone who is everywhere at once (maybe like a doppelganger)
  13. A slick character (or also a pretty boy)
  14. A Geisha-type character

As for me:

I’d like to think I’m indispensable (#5), but I’m also a terrible communicator IN KOREAN (#10), and at times I feel a little like an outcast (#4) for various reasons.

I’m definitely NOT impervious to temptation (#9), nor lack charisma and weak (#8), nor a rascal (#2), idiot (#3), or slick character (#13). Though I may occasionally be accused of being a Scrooge (#11) and MIA (#1).

How about you? Which characters are you most like?

(Remember to click the images above to read more of the background story for each one.)

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