Low Intermediate Week 8 Review

Download this week’s Vocab/Grammar Review Sheet: Week 8 (Units 16-18) Most Important Things We Went Over This Week V~(으)려면 = short form of V~(으)려고 하면 V~(으)려면 often uses ~아/어야 해요/돼요, ~(으)면 돼요, ~(으)세요, 이/가 필요해요, ~는 게 좋아요 in the second clause A/V~(으)면 = if/when, A/V~아/어도 = even if (use 아무리 to express “no matter […]

Beginner Class Resources

This is a list of all Beginner class resources. It will continue to be updated. ALL Grammar Points Covered (list) ALL Vocabulary and Quiz Sheets (downloadable) FULL list of all vocabulary (single file download) Week 1: Numbers (전화번호가 몇 번이에요?) Downloads Week 1 Vocab (.pdf) | Quiz (.pdf) Week 1 Vocab Podcast (.mp3) Videos Vocab […]