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That's because...


Use this grammar to give a spoken reason for something. It is often used as a response to what someone else has said or asked.

Detailed Explanation

  • Respond to a previous statement or answer a question by giving a reason for something
  • Equivalent to "That's because..."
  • The Listener doesn't know facts the Speaker knows


  • ONLY conversational, ONLY among close friends
  • It can't be used in the first clause of a new conversation, only after or in response to an initial statement
  • ~거든요 lets the Listener know that there is more the Speaker wants to say

Usage Rules

Conjugation Table

A Past ~았/었거든요
Present ~거든요
Future ~(으)ㄹ 거거든요
V Past ~았/었거든요
Present ~거든요
Future ~(으)ㄹ 거거든요
N Past 였/이었거든요
Present (이)거든요

Sentence Examples

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    Past Tense

  1. A 가: 왜 커피를 안 마셨어요? 나: 그 커피는 엄청 달았거든요.

    A: Why didn't you drink the coffee? B: Because that coffee was way too sweet.

  2. V 가: 지난주에 고향가서 김장을 했어요? 나: 아니요, 못 갔어요. 학교에서 기말고사위해서 공부를 했거든요.

    A: Did you do Kimjang in your hometown last week? B: No, I couldn't go. I had to study for final tests at school.

  3. N 가: 오늘 수업에 지각했어요. 나: 왜? 어젯밤에 늦게 잤어? 나이트클럽 갔어? 가: 네, 생일 파티 였거든요.

    A: Today I was tardy for class. B: Why? Did you sleep late last night? Did you go to the nightclub? A: Yeah, there was a birthday party.

  4. A 가: 왜 요즘 내 문자와 전화를 안 받아? 나: 일이 많아서 정신이 없었거든요.

    A: Why haven't you replied to my messages or phone calls recently? B: Because I'm going crazy since I have so much work to do.

  5. V 가: 지난주에 외출 했지? 나: 네, 여자친구랑 소풍 갔거든요.

    A: Did you have an outing last week? B: Yes, I went on a picnic with my girlfriend.

  6. N 가: 그게 뭘까? 나: 입학 서류였거든요.

    A: What was that? B: It was an application form.

  7. Present Tense

  8. A 가: 왜 소녀시대를 그렇게 좋아해요? 나: 소녀시대는 쌕시하거든요.

    A: Why do you like Girl's Generation so much? B: Because they're sexy.

  9. V 가: 요즘 날씨가 추워졌어요. 나: 네, 겨울이 오거든요.

    A: The weather's gotten cold recently. B: Yeah, that's because winter is coming.

  10. N 가: 소치 동계 올림픽에서 김연아가 무슨 메달을 받았어요? 나: 은메달 이거든요.

    A: What medal did Kim Yuna get at the Sochi Winter Olympics? B: It was a silver medal.

  11. A 가: 왜 지금 땀이 나요? 나: 덥거든요.

    A: Why are you sweating now? B: Because it's hot.

  12. V 가: 들었어요? 서울에 홍수가 났대요! 나: 그래요? 거기는 비가 많이 오거든요.

    A: Did you hear? It's flooding in Seoul! B: Really? That's because it's raining a lot there.

  13. N 가: 그 휴대폰은 왜 이렇게 비싸? 나: 새로운 제품이거든요.

    A: Why is that handphone so expensive? B: Because it's a new one.

  14. V 가: 집에 밥이 없어요? 나: 네, 자동차 트렁크안에 쌀이 들어 있거든요.

    A: There's no food at home? B: Right, that's because the rice is in the trunk of my car.

  15. Future Tense

  16. A 가: 사람들이 어벤져스2 영화를 왜 기다려요? 나: 정말 재미있을 거거든요!

    A: Why are people waiting for the Avengers 2 movie? B: Because it's going to be awesome!

  17. V 가: 지금 먹구름이 많이 끼었어요. 나: 비 올 거거든요.

    A: There are lots of dark clouds right now. B: That's because it's going to rain.

  18. A 가: 왜 옷을 많이 입어요? 나: 자전거 타고 집으로 갈때 추울 거거든요.

    A: Why are you wearing lots of clothes now? B: Because it's going to be really cold when I ride my bike home.

  19. V 가: 시간이 없는데 이제 밥 먹어요? 나: 걱정마세요. 빨리 먹을 거거든요.

    A: Since you don't have much time, can you eat right now? B: Don't worry. I'll eat quickly.

  20. A 가: 집에 늦게 가면 안돼요? 나: 네, 안돼요. 내 가족이 배고플 거거든요.

    A: You shouldn't go home late? B: Right. That's because my family will be hungry.

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