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~게 하다

make sm do sth


Use this grammar to when talking about someone telling someone else do something. Equivalent to “someone made/makes someone else do something.”

Detailed Explanation

  • The subject makes someone else do something
  • Equivalent to "someone made/makes someone else do something"


  • Intransitive Verbs: N1이/가 N2을/를 V~게 하다 (Intransitive = needs no direct object)
  • Transitive Verbs: N1이/가 N2에게 V~게 하다 (Transitive = has an object that receives action)
  • Adjectives: N1이/가 N2을/를 A~게 하다 (subject causes sm else to be in the state of the Adj)
  • Permission: if used to give or revoke permission, the 하다 means 허락하다 (to permit)
  • Prohibition: use 못 ~게 하다
  • Variants with the same meaning: ~도록 하다 + ~게 만들다
  • Difference from Causative Verbs:
    • Causative: some A/V vs. ~게 하다: ALL A/V
    • Causative: direct action (do) vs. ~게 하다: no direct connection to action is necessary (tell/command)

Sentence Examples

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    슬픈 베트맨 (#SadBatman) Examples

  1. 슬픈 베트맨이 짝패에게 채소를 먹게 했지만 짝패가 무시했어요.

    Sad Batman told his sidekick to eat his vegetables, but the sidekick ignored him.

  2. 파티에서 다른 슈퍼히어로들이 배트맨에게 춤을 추게 하고 그를 비웃어서 배트맨이 슬퍼졌어요.

    At the party, the other superheroes made Batman dance and then laughed at him. That made Batman sad.

  3. 조커가 배트맨에게 카드를 하게 했지만 컨닝 했어요.

    The Joker made Batman play cards, but then he cheated.

  4. 알프렛이 배트맨의 옷을 빨강팬티랑 해서 배트맨의 옷이 다 분홍색이 되게 했어요.

    Alfred did Batman's laundry with bright red panties and that made all of Batman's clothes pink.

  5. 슈퍼맨이 촬영 세트장에서 베트맨에게 커피를 만들게 했어요.

    On the film set, Superman made Batman make him a cup of coffee.

  6. 알프렛이 베트맨의 차를 세차하지 않아서  베트맨을 슬프게 했어요.

    Alfred didn't go get Batman's car washed and that made Batman sad.

  7. 애건이 베트맨을 밤마다 범인들을 쫓게해서 책 읽는 시간을 없게 해요...

    Since Batman is chasing some criminal every night, it makes his book reading time nonexistent...

  8. 베트맨이 알프렛에게 자동차를 세차하게 했는데 세차한 후에 집에 돌아가다가 사고가 났어요.

    Although Batman made Alfred go get his car washed, after the wash as he was returning home, Alfred got in a car wreck.

  9. 캣우먼이 베트맨에게 치마를 입게 하고 부엌에서 샌드위치를 만들게 했어요.

    Catwoman made Batman wear a skirt and make her a sandwich in the kitchen.

  10. 슈퍼맨이 베트맨과 통화 하면서 생일축하 노래를 부르게 했어요.

    슈퍼맨이 베트맨과 통화 하면서 생일축하 노래를 부르게 했어요.

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