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In order to do A, I did B...


Use this grammar to express an action you took in order to do another action. This grammar is only used with present tense Verbs.

Detailed Explanation

  • First clause = reason for doing the action in the 2nd
  • Equivalent to "In order to do A, I did B..." (you can think of it in reverse as well if it helps "I did A to do B..." but remember that in Korean, the order is reversed - see below)
  • In Korean grammar, it's grammatically reversed in order compared to English grammar. For example, in English:
    • "I bought this to give to my parents" becomes
    • "To give to my parents I bought this" in Korean
    • (부모님께 드리고자 이 물건을 구입했습니다.)


  • Formal: Used mainly in official situations: giving a speech/presentation, writing a report
  • Sounds awkward in conversations or informal situations
  • Subject of 1st and 2nd clause must be the SAME
  • DON'T: use past tense ~았/었 NOR future tense ~겠
  • ~고자 하다 = the speaker's intention - CANNOT insert negatives 안 nor 못 with this form - though negatives can precede the form
  • Example: ~하고자 안 합니다 is NOT right, but ~안 하고자 합니다 is
  • Example: ~하고자 못 합니다 is NOT right, but ~하지 않고자 합니다 is

Usage Rules

Conjugation Table

V Present ~고자

Sentence Examples

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    잠재적 인 투자자께 공식 편지 (Official Letter to Potential Investors):

  1. 오늘은 트랜스포머5에 대해서 소개하고자 합니다.

    Today, I'm going to introduce Transformers 5 to you.

  2. 우주를 촬영 하고자 내 촬영팀이 제일 큰 로켓을 만들고 있습니다.

    My filming team is building the biggest rocket so we can film in space.

  3. 컴퓨터 효과가 너무 비싸니까 돈을 절약 하고자 진짜 우주에서 촬영을 할겁니다.

    Since computer effects are so expensive, we will film in space to save money.

  4. 내 로켓만든 팀에게 조언하고자 리차드브란선하고 이론머스크하고 피터다이몬디스에 통화해서 자문위원회을 입회했습니다.

    I contacted Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Peter Diamond to join our Advisory Committee in order to advise my rocket building team.

  5. 세 억만장자가 싸우지 않게 하고자 레이디가가에게 중재인을 서달라고 물어봤습니다.

    I asked Lady Gaga to stand in as arbitrator so that these three billionaires won't fight.

  6. 트랜스포머5 영화의 투자자들을 모으고자 이 편지를 쓰고 보냅니다.

    I've written and sent out this letter in order to gather investors for Transformers 5.

  7. 이 영화에 투자하고자 하신다면 큰 검은 가방에 백억달러를 넣고 기차역 2호선의 작은 빨간 벤치 밑에 놓주시고 바랍니다.

    To invest in this movie if you have interest, please put $1 billion in a large black bag and place it under the small red bench at the train station, line number 2.

  8. 바보 투자자가 되고자 돈을 안 줍니다.

    Don't give me any money if you want to be an idiot investor.

  9. 날마다 새벽부터 저녁까지 이 로켓의 계획을 끊임없이 만들어서 제일 유명한 가장 좋은 로켓을 만들고자 합니다.

    Every day morning to night, we are constantly working on the plans for this rocket in order to make the most famous and best rocket possible.

  10. 내가 터무니없는 영화를 그만 만들고자 시네마에서 내 영화를 그만 상영하시기 바람니다.

    In order to stop me from making preposterous movies like this, stop seeing my films in the cinema.

* Note: 마이클베이 일림 (From Michael Bay)

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