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~고 해서

A is one of the reasons why B


Explain your situation by giving ONE reason for some outcome (while hinting at others). Equivalent to “A is one of the reasons why B” OR “among other things…”

Detailed Explanation

  • The first clause is ONE OF numerous reasons that caused the second clause
  • This first clause gives the primary reason for the second - and hints at other reasons
  • Equivalent to "A is one of the reasons why B" OR "among other things..."


  • Basic use: ~고 해서
  • Alternate 1: N도 V~고 해서
  • Alternate 2: A/V~기도 하고 해서
  • Double reasons 1: N도 A/V~고 N도 A/V~고 해서
  • Double reasons 2: A/V~기도 하고 A/V~기도 해서

Conjugation Table

A Present ~고 해서
V Present ~고 해서
N Present 이고 해서

* Note: Can be used in Past or Present tense sentences - this grammar itself has no tense, but the verb at the end of the 2nd clause determines the tense.

Sentence Examples

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* Note: 반지 원정대 - Fellowship of the Ring Examples

    Past Tense

  1. Basic 프로도: 나는 호비톤에서 계속 살면 너무 지루하고 해서 이 원정대에 가입 하고싶었어요.

    Frodo: To continue living in Hobbiton would be super boring, and that is one of the reasons why I wanted to join this fellowship.

  2. Alt 1 샘: 프로도의 눈이 갑자기 모험적으로 반짝반짝 빛나고 해서 나도 원정대를 가입 했어요.

    Sam: Frodo's eyes suddenly sparkled with the look of adventure, and that's one of the reasons why I joined too.

  3. Alt 2 메리: 나는 부자가 되고 싶기도 해서 프로도와 샘을 따라왔어요.

    Merry: Among other things, I want to be rich, so I followed Frodo and Sam.

  4. Double 1 피펜: 메리는 내 가장 좋아하는 친구이고 사우란은 내 가장 싫어하는 적이고 해서 나도 가겠어요.

    Since Merry is my best buddy, and Sauron is my worst enemy, those are a couple of reasons why I also want to go.

  5. Double 2 간달프: 호빗들은 너무 재미있기도 하고 든든하기도 해서 이 모험에 초대했어요.

    Gandalf: Two of the reasons I invited them on this adventure is because Hobbits are super interesting and tough.

  6. Basic 아라곤: 나는 내 깨진 칼을 수리하고 해서 간달프를 따라왔어요~

    Aragorn: Among other things, I'm following Gandalf because I want to fix my broken sword~

  7. Alt 1 보로미르: 내 생각에 반지가 진짜 도움이 되고 해서 화산에 던지지 않았어요!

    Boromir: In my opinion, the ring would really be a big help to us, and that's one of the reasons we shouldn't throw it into the volcano!

  8. Present Tense

  9. Alt 2 엘론드: 내 딸이 아라곤을 사랑하기도 해서 아라곤은 죽이면 안돼요.

    Elrond: Because my daughter loves Aragorn, that's one of the reasons why he can't die.

  10. Double 1 김리: 여기 작은 호빗도 있고 약한 엘프도 있고 해서 이 원정대에 내 힘이 많이 필요해요.

    Gimli: Here we have itty-bitty Hobbits and a weak elf - those are two good reasons why you really need my strength.

  11. Double 2 레고라스: 이 드워프는 입이 가벼워서 자랑하기도 하고 근육도 하나도 없는에 무거운 것을 들려고 하기도 해서 당신은 내가 필요해요.

    Legolas: This dwarf has a big mouth that likes to brag and muscles that can't lift anything heavy, so those are some reasons why you need me.

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