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~기는 하지만 / ~기는 ~지만

Even though sth, (contrast)


Use a Verb or Adjective to express contrast. 기는 is often used to express an “ing” Verb.

Detailed Explanation

  • Second form uses the same A/V twice
  • Acknowledge the 1st clause, but present a differing view in 2nd clause


  • Contracted forms (in conversation) also used (~긴 하지만, ~긴 ~지만)
  • Don't allow 2 past-tense (ㅆ) verbs (not ~았/었기는 했지만 just ~기는 했지만)
  • Diff: ~지만 can have different subjects in 1st, 2nd clause ~기는 하지만 = same subject
  • Diff: ~지만 = simple contrasts, ~기는 하지만 = 1st clause acknowledges a truth, 2nd clause emphasizes a contrast

Conjugation Table

A Past ~기는 했지만 / ~기는 ~았/었지만
Present ~기는 하지만 / ~기는 ~지만
Future ~기는 하겠지만 / ~기는 ~겠지만
V Past ~기는 했지만 / ~기는 ~았/었지만
Present ~기는 하지만 / ~기는 ~지만
Future ~기는 하겠지만 / ~기는 ~겠지만

Sentence Examples

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    Past Tense

  1. 아침에 운동하기는 했지만 근육이 아파서 조금 일찍 끝넀어요.

    Even though I exercised in the morning, since my muscles were sore, I stopped a little early.

  2. 아침밥을 먹기는 먹었지만 늦어서 빨리 먹고 갔어요.

    Though I ate breakfast this morning, I had to just eat and run since I was late.

  3. 영어 가르치기는 했지만 학생들이 다 피곤해서 잤어요.

    I did teach English to my students, but because they were tired, they all slept.

  4. 자전거를 타기는 탔지만 갑자기 타이에서 "팡!" 소리가 났어요.

    I was riding my bike when suddenly the tire let out a loud "Pop!" sound.

  5. 점심에 배가 고프기는 했지만 안 먹었어요.

    Even though I was hungry, I didn't eat anything.

  6. Present Tense

  7. 한국어 공부하기는 하지만 계속 "텐데" 문법은 이해가 안가요.

    Even though I am studying Korean, I always don't understand 텐데.

  8. 걷기는 걷지만 이 사람이 계속 따라오고 있어!

    I'm walking but this guy keeps following me!

  9. 컴퓨터를 켜기는 켜지만 너무 느려요.

    I turned on the computer but it's just really slow.

  10. 비 오기는 오지만 자전거 타고 집으로 가겠습니다.

    Even though it's raining, I'm going to ride my bike home.

  11. 네, 바쁘기는 하지만 이 디자인을 만들어 드리겠습니다.

    Yes, even though I'm super busy, I can make this design for you.

  12. Future Tense

  13. 내일 비 오기는 오겠지만 자전거 타고 학교로 가겠어요.

    Even though it might rain tomorrow, I'll still take my bike to school.

  14. 제나가 아프기는 하겠지만 외할머니집에 가자.

    Even though Jenna might get sick, let's still go to her grandma's house.

  15. 이 영화가 징그럽기는 하겠지만 다 볼게요.

    Even if this movie turns out to be gross, I'll watch it all.

  16. 점심밥이 맵기는 하겠지만 할머니께서 준 것이 내가 먹어야지.

    Even if lunch is a little spicy, I should eat it because grandma gave it to me.

  17. 달력이 틀리기는 하겠지만 오늘 미팅은 하겠습니다.

    Even if the calendar is wrong, today I'm going to have a meeting.

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