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Because of that...sth negative


Use this grammar to convey a cause / effect where the effect is something negative.

Detailed Explanation

  • The first clause is a reason or cause for the second (usually negative in nature)
  • Equivalent to "Because of that..."


  • Can be shortened to ~느라
  • Action in the first clause continued partially or completely with that of second
  • Don't: use positive clauses afterward - it sounds unnatural
  • Don't: use proposition/imperative forms
  • Don't: use past tense ~았/었
  • Use idiomatically with 수고하다, 고생하다
  • ONLY use verbs that show the (1) will of the subject, (2) force of energy, (3) time
  • Subject stays the same in both clauses

Usage Rules

Conjugation Table

V Present ~느라고

Sentence Examples

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    Present Tense— 어벤져스 - Avengers

  1. 아이언맨 여자친구랑 타히티에서 공휴일을 보내느라고 세계를 못 지켰어요~

    Iron Man: Because I took my girlfriend on a holiday in Tahiti, I couldn't save the world~

  2. 쟈비스 토니스타크가 아이언맨슈트들을 다 꺼버리느라고 나도 못 도와줬어요...

    Jarvis: Since Tony Stark turned off all the Iron Man suits, I couldn't help either...

  3. 블렉위도 난 고향에 가느라고 한국에 못 가서 촬영 못 해요.

    Black Widow: Because I'm going to my hometown, I can't come to Korea to film.

  4. 헐크 내 집에서 밤마다 바퀴벌레 잡느라고 미쳐버리겠어요!

    Hulk: Since cockroaches come out in my house every night, I'm going crazy with anger!

  5. 토르 아빠가 동생 로키를 감옥에 집어넣느라고 팀에 나오지 않아요.

    Thor: Because Dad threw my brother Loki in prison, I can't come out for the team.

  6. 캡틴어메리카 아침 운동을 너무 많이 하느라고 지금 힘이 없을 것 같아요.

    Captain America: Since I did a lot of exercise this morning, it seems that all my strength is gone now.

  7. 혹아이 어제 라식수술 하느라고 오늘은 잘 보이지 않아요.

    Hawkeye: Since I had Lasik surgery yesterday, today I can't see well.

  8. 닉퓨리 나는 검은 트렌치 코트만 입느라고 다른 코트는 없어요.

    Nick Fury: Because I only ever wear a black trench coat, I don't have any other coats.

  9. 퀵실버 난 엄청 빨리 달리느라고 그 건물은 못 봤어요.

    Quicksilver: Since I was running super fast, I totally didn't see that building.

  10. 스카렛위치 내 머리카락은 빨갛게 염색하느라고 남자 친구가 식당에 먼저 갔어요...

    Scarlet Witch: Because I was dying my hair red, my boyfriend went to the restaurant first...

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