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~는 바람에

As a consequence of...


Use this grammar to express some negative outcome that has happened (Past tense) due to some action (Verbs only).

Detailed Explanation

  • The first clause (usually a negative influence on the second) describes the reason or cause for the second clause
  • Equivalent to "Unfortunately, as a result of..."


  • ONLY used with verbs
  • Second clause is ALWAYS past tense (because it's describing something that has happened)
  • Don't: use positive clauses - it sounds unnatural - this expression is for negative things that have happened (but very rarely something positive can be said - only if it was completely unexpected or unintended)
  • Don't: use propositions/imperative forms
  • Difference: ~아/어서 = a simple reason, ~는 바람에 = an unintended result

Usage Rules

Conjugation Table

V Past ~는 바람에

* Note: The Verb conjugation is not Past tense by itself, but can only be used with Past tense clauses.

Sentence Examples

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    Past Tense— 어벤져스 - Avengers

  1. 아이언맨 페퍼랑 키스 후에 '찰싹' 뱜을 맞는 바람에 아이언맨슈트가 추락했어요.

    Iron Man: As a result of the slap I received after kissing Pepper, my Iron Man suit crashed.

  2. 쟈비스 아이언맨슈트가 추락하는 바람에 난 죽었어요~

    Jarvis: As a result of the Iron Man suit crashing, I died.~

  3. 블렉위도 남자친구랑 자는 바람에 임신했어요~

    Black Widow: Since I slept with my boyfriend, I became pregnant.

  4. 헐크 스카렛요한슨은 임신하는 바람에 우울했어요...

    Hulk: Since Scarlett Johansson got pregnant, I got depressed...

  5. 토르 로키가 나를 속이는 바람에 초콜릿 아이스크림을 못 먹었어요.

    Thor: Because of Loki's deception, I was unable to eat chocolate ice cream.

  6. 캡틴어메리카 여권을 잃어버리는 바람에 한국에서 영화 촬영을 못 했어요.

    Captain America: Because I lost my passport, I was unable to film in Korea.

  7. 혹아이 어설픈 라식 수술하는 바람에 눈이 멀게 되었어요.

    Hawkeye: As a result of my botched Lasik surgery, I became blind.

  8. 닉퓨리 쓴 아침 커피를 마시는 바람에 하루종일 화가 났거든요!

    Nick Fury: Since I drank bitter coffee this morning, I've been pissed off all day!

  9. 퀵실버 바닥에 오일이 있는 바람에 달리기하면서 미끄러져서 허리가 부러졌어요.

    Quicksilver: Since there was oil on the floor, while I was running, I slipped and broke my hip.

  10. 스카렛위치 스카렛 샴푸를 사용하는 바람에 머리가 빨갛게 됐어요.

    Scarlet Witch: As a result of using scarlet shampoo, my hair became red.

  11. Propositions & Imperatives

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