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(What) did you just say?


“What did you just say?” Use this grammar to double-check what someone just told you or asked you.

Detailed Explanation

  • Spoken.
  • Ask for clarification about something that is unclear or hard to believe.
  • Repeat & reconfirm what another speaker has just said.


  • Different conjugations based on (1) declarative, (2) interrogative, (3) propositive, and (4) imperative sentences.
  • Use citation form when responding to ~(으)ㄹ까요?
  • Can be used to restate or emphasize what the speaker just said.

Usage Rules

Sentence Examples

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* Note: 이탈리안 잡 - The Italian Job Examples

    Past Tense

  1. V 마크월버그 (찰리): 스티브가 우리가 훔친 금을 훔쳤었다고요?

    Mark Wahlberg (Charlie): Did you just say Steve stole our stolen gold?

  2. V 샬리즈세론 (스텔라): 뭐? 스티브가 내 아버지를 죽였다고요?

    Charlize Theron (Stella): What? Did you just say Steve killed my dad?

  3. N 에드워드노턴 (스티브): 어? 너의 생각에 내가 범인이었다고요? 모두 다 범인이 잖아요~

    Edward Norton (Steve): Huh? Did you say you think I'm a bad guy? News flash~ we're all bad guys!~

  4. V 찰리: 어떻게 아빠위해서 복수 계획을 만들었냐고요? 이리와 여기 보세요.

    Charlie: Did you just ask me how we're going to make a plan to get revenge for your dad? Come here and see.

  5. A 스티브: 우리의 절도가 교활했냐고요? 몰론이죠~ 난 천재야~

    Steve: Did you just ask if our robbery was cunning? Of course it was~ I'm a genius~

  6. N 스텔라: 내 아버지의 살인자가 스티브였냐고요? 그 사람은 싫어!

    Stella: Did you just ask if Steve was my father's murderer? I hate that guy!

  7. Present Tense

  8. V 제이선스타셈 (잘생긴 롭): 스티브가 훔친 우리 금을 다시 훔친다고요? 나도 하고싶어~

    Jason Statham ("Handsome Rob"): Did you just say you want to steal back the gold Steve stole from us? Count me in~

  9. N 세스그린 (라일): 냅스터가 20세기의 최대 발명이라고요? 몰론이지~ 난 천재야~

    Seth Green (Lyle): Did you just say Napster was the greatest invention of the 20th century? Of course it was~ I'm a genius~

  10. A 모스데프 (길리건): 아니야. 개가 싫어. 저 개는 부드럽다고요? 아니야. 개는 다 싫어.

    Mos Def (Gilligan): No. I hate dogs. Did you just say that dog is tame? No. I hate dogs.

  11. N 롭: 나는 트란스포터영화 배우냐고요? 아니요. 다른 남자인 것 같아요.

    "Handsome Rob": Did you just ask me if I was the actor in Transporter? No. Must be some other guy.

  12. A 라일: 내 대학교 룸메이트가 교활하느냐고요? 맞아. 내 컴퓨터에서 냅스터를 훔쳤잖아~

    Lyle: Did you just ask if my college roommate was sly? You're right. You outta know he stole Napster right off my computer~

  13. V 길리건: 내가 미니쿠퍼를 운전하느냐고요? 아니요. 전문가에게 맡겨~

    Gilligan: Did you ask me to drive a Mini Cooper? No. Leave it to the experts~

  14. Future Tense

  15. V 도날드수서렌드 (존): 강도 짓 때문에 이제부터 모두 부자가 될 거라고요? 맞아~ 좋아~

    Donald Sutherland (John): Did you just say that we're all going to be rich now thanks to the heist? Right~ Awesome~

  16. V 스티브: 금을 평등하게 나눌 거라고요? 아니야~ 나는 다른 생각이 있어. 금 다 나 줘~

    Did you just say you want to split the gold evenly? Nah~ I have a better idea. Give me all the gold~

  17. N 스텔라: 스티브가 배신자일 거라고요? 왜? 무슨 일을 했어요?

    Stella: Did you just call Steve a betrayer? What happened?

  18. A 스티브: 난 똑똑할 거냐고요? 몰론이지. 너회는 이렇게 못 예측했어~

    Steve: Did you just ask me if I was smart? Of course I am. None of you predicted this course of events~

  19. V 찰리: 스티브가 따라갈 거냐고요? 몰론이지. 스티브는 도망을 못 가!

    Did you just ask if we would go after Steve? Of course we will. Steve can't get away!

  20. V 존: 내가 지금 죽어가고 있냐고요? 잘 봐바! 여기에 피 많이 나잖아~ 흑흑....

    John: Did you just ask if I'm dying? Take a look! There's a lot of blood coming out of here~ Hukk~ Hukk~

  21. Propositions & Imperatives

  22. V 스텔라: 강도 짓의 팀을 다시 모으자고요? 스티브를 따라가 잡자고요? 당연히지!~

    Stella: Did you just suggest that we get the robbery team back together? Did you just suggest that we go after Steve? Heck yeah!~

  23. V 프렝키지 (렌치): 이 미니쿠퍼들로 금을 나르자고요? 그래요.

    Frankie G (Wrench): Did you just tell me I have to modify the Mini Coopers? OK.

  24. V 스티브: 우린 배신자가 되지 말자고요? 너무 늦었어요. 우리는 이미 배신자였잖아!~

    Steve: Did you just suggest that we shouldn't become traitors? Too late. We're already traitors!~

  25. V 찰리: 너의 금을 훔치지 말라고요? 너무 늦었어. 복수는 나쁘죠!~

    Charlie: Did you just tell me I can't steal your gold? Too late! Payback's a b!~

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