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~다고 하던데

I remember hearing...


Do you remember hearing something that someone else said? Use this grammar to express that: “I remember hearing that…”

Detailed Explanation

  • Recall or confirm something you heard someone else say previously.
  • Equivalent to "I remember hearing..."
  • Correct form of the expression depends on the sentence type of what was previously heard.


  • Different conjugations based on (1) declarative, (2) interrogative, (3) propositive, and (4) imperative sentences.
  • 2nd clause can indicate the speaker's (1) opinion, (2) question, (3) advice, or (4) invitation.
  • Combo of ~는다고 하다 = a citation + ~던데 = recollection
  • ~고 하 can be omitted (leaving just ~다던데)
  • If used at the end of a sentence, shows speaker's disagreement or expectation of response from the other person.

Usage Rules

Sentence Examples

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* Note: 더오피스 '' - The Office "Gossip" Examples

    Past Tense

  1. V 에릭하고 메건은 결혼 안 했다고 하던데 헛소문인 것 같아요.

    I remember hearing that Eric and Megan didn't get married, but it seems that's just a rumor.

  2. N 스캔덜 난 사람이 스탠리였다고 하던데 그 아내에게 이야기를 하지마세요.

    I heard that Stanley had a scandal, so don't tell his wife.

  3. V 안젤라의 남자친구가 81세 부자랑 대이트를 했냐고 하던데 어떻게 알았어요?

    You asked if I'd heard that Angela is dating an 81-year-old rich boyfriend, how did you know that?

  4. N 안젤라의 남자친구가 퀴즈노스 샌드위치샵 사장님이었냐고 하던데 사실이예요?

    You asked if I'd heard that Angela's boyfriend is the owner of a Quizno's shop, is that really true?

  5. Present Tense

  6. A 사장님의 귀를 잡담위해서 다뜻다고 하던데 비밀이 들으면 좀 쉿 해 주세요.

    I remember hearing that the boss's ears burn for gossip, so if you hear a secret, keep it quiet.

  7. V 켈리가 날마다 점심을 안 먹는다고 하던데 신경성 식욕 부진증인 것 같아죠.

    I remember hearing that Kelly doesn't eat lunch every day, so it seems like anorexia.

  8. N 이 회사에 제일 큰 수다쟁이가 사장님이라고 하던데 사장님의 주변에 있으면 입을 꼭 닫으세요.

    I remember hearing that the biggest gossiper in this office is the boss, so when you're around him, definitely keep your mouth closed.

  9. A 내가 천식에 걸렸냐고 하던데 누가 그런 말을 했어요?

    I heard that someone said I have asthma, who said that?

  10. V 천식있는 사람은 스쿠바를 못 한다고 하던데 왜 이렇게 소문을 확산하고있어요?

    I remember hearing that anyone with asthma can't go scuba diving, so why would you spread that rumor like this?

  11. N 에린이 조금 계으른 회사원이라고 하던데 사장님이 다음주에 그를 해고할 것 같아요.

    I remember hearing that Erin is the laziest office worker, so the boss will probably fire her next week.

  12. Future Tense

  13. V 펨이 엄마가 될 거라고 하던데 진짜 싫더라고요.

    I had heard that Pam is going to be a mommy - she's really going to hate that.

  14. N 펨이 다음달에 임산부일 거라고 하던데 그에게 우리 아가 옷을 물려 줄거예요.

    I had heard that Pam is going to get pregnant next month, so we can give her our baby clothes.

  15. V 결혼식을 조금 빨리 할 거라고 하던데 펨이 곧 출산을 하나봐요.

    I remember hearing that they sped up the wedding because Pam was just about to give birth.

  16. Propositions & Imperatives

  17. V 내가 타코벨개의 목소리를 됬기 때문에 새 광고를 방송하자고 하던데 난 타코벨개의 목소리가 진짜 아닌데요.

    I had heard that someone said since I'm the voice of the Taco Bell dog, they wanted to make a new commercial with me, but I'm not really the voice of the Taco Bell dog.

  18. V 회사에서 잡담을 하지 말라고 하던데 지금 잡담 하지 마세요.

    I remember hearing that we shouldn't gossip in the office, so don't gossip with me now.

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