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Really? I can't believe...


Did you hear something you can’t believe is true? Use this grammar to repeat the relevant info while expressing your surprise at hearing that info. “Really? I can’t believe…”

Detailed Explanation

  • Use if you're surprised at or can't believe something you just heard.
  • Used to repeat the relevant info while expressing your surprised feeling at that info.
  • Equivalent to "Really? I can't believe..."


  • Different conjugations based on (1) declarative, (2) interrogative, (3) propositive, and (4) imperative sentences.
  • Basically, add ~니요? to the indirect quotation form.
  • CAN: use ~다니요 in past, present, AND future tenses.
  • CAN: use ~다니 mid-sentence.
  • Use the same sentence form the other person used to state the previous info.

Sentence Examples

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    Past Tense— 여자들 - The girls

  1. A 엘사: 내 눈마술이 진짜 추웠다니요?

    Elsa: Was my snow magic really cold? I can't believe it!

  2. V 안나: 올라프와 큰 눈괴물을 진짜 만들었다니요?

    Anna: Did you really make Olaf and the big snow monster? I can't believe it!

  3. N 엘사: 스벤이 말하는 순록이었다니요?

    Elsa: Was Sven really a talking reindeer? I can't believe it!

  4. A 안나: 한스가 언니가 예쁘다고 했냐니요?

    Anna: Did you ask me if Hans really said you're beautiful? I can't believe it!

  5. V 엘사: 한스가 안나랑 뽀뽀를 안 하고 죽게 내버려뒀냐니요?

    Elsa: Did you ask if Hans really rejected your kiss and left you to die? I can't believe it!

  6. N 안나: 한스가 진짜 왕자였냐니요?

    Anna: Did you ask if Hans was really a prince? I can't believe it!

  7. Present Tense— 남자들 - The guys

  8. A 한스: 그 눈괴물이 살아있다니요?

    Hans: Is that snow monster really alive? I can't believe it!

  9. V 크리스토프: 처음 만난 남자랑 사랑한다니요?

    Kristof: Are you really in love with a guy you just met? I can't believe it!

  10. N 한스: 올라프의 코가 당근이라니요?

    Hans: Is Olaf's nose really a carrot? I can't believe it!

  11. A 크리스토프: 처음 만난 남자랑 결혼하는게 똑똑하냐니요?

    Kristof: Did you just ask me if it's smart to get married with a guy you just met? I can't believe it!

  12. V 한스: 안나, 나랑 진짜 사랑의 뽀뽀를 하느냐니요?

    Hans: Anna, did you just ask me to give you a true love's kiss? I can't believe it!

  13. N 크리스토프: 내가 냄새나는 못생긴 남자냐니요?

    Kristof: Did you just ask me if I'm a stinky, ugly guy? I can't believe it!

  14. Future Tense— 눈사람 - The snowmen

  15. A 올라프: 여름에 날씨가 더울 거라니요?

    Olaf: Will it really be hot in summer? I can't believe it!

  16. V 눈괴물: 내가 이 절벽에서 떨어질 거라니요? 하하하~

    Snow monster: Will I really fall off this cliff? I can't believe it! Hahaha~

  17. N 올라프: 내가 여름이 오면 물웅덩이일 거라니요?

    Olaf: Will I really become a puddle when summer comes? I can't believe it!

  18. A 눈괴물: 눈사움을 하면 내가 더 뚱뚱해질 거냐니요?

    Snow monster: Did you ask me if I'll really become fatter if we have a snowball fight? I can't believe it!

  19. V 올라프: 한스가 안나의 뽀뽀를 거절할 거냐니요?

    Olaf: Did you ask if Hans rejected Anna's kiss? I can't believe it!

  20. V 눈괴물: 나랑 마시멜로를 구울 거냐니요?

    Snow monster: Did you ask me if we could roast marshmallows together? I can't believe it!

  21. Propositions & Imperatives

  22. V 엘사: 사람들을 성의 눈과 얼음 파티에 초대하자니요?

    Elsa: Did the people ask me to invite them to a snow and ice party at the castle? I can't believe it!

  23. V 안나: 엘사에게 눈을 다시 만들어 달라고 말하라니요?

    Anna: Did you just tell Elsa she should make it snow again? I can't believe it!

  24. V 한스: 알렌델의 왕이 되지 말자니요?

    Hans: Did you just say I'm not going to be king of Arendell? I can't believe it!

  25. V 크리스토프: 안나의 말을 듣지 말라니요?

    Kristoff: Did you just tell me not to listen to Anna? I can't believe it!

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